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The plumber's fiance called last minute this morning to tell me he had to cancel due to an emergency so it looks like the toilet will have to wait until Saturday. Since I was still awake I actually got a few things accomplished like changing the linens on the couch and sorting out a bunch of shirts to donate to Easter Seals.

I have far too many t-shirts to justify purchasing them new but I'm always seeing more that I like. I found a couple dozen to give away along with some button-down shirts and a set of flannel sheets I no longer use so I can now I have room for more! There are two I'm definitely going to buy from AnimeNation.com. Both are in kanji; one translates to "I want to be Japanese" and the other, "Strange Foreigner." I considered "Looking for a Japanese girlfriend" but I'm actually more attracted to anime girls. Go fig.

So the Easter Seals van will be in my neighborhood tomorrow morning to pick up my box of donations. So I need to set that outside tonite.

Oh yeah, tomorrow is garbage day so I need to set that outside tonite as well.


Yesterday was my shift manager's birthday. It's very uncommon for me to do anything like this but I gave him a present. He's one of those people that answers any sort of greeting with "What's up?" This greatly annoys me so I always answer with "UP is the first album by Right Said Fred" to punnish him. He seemed genuinely delighted that I gave him the CD and I hope this further inquiries as to what it is.

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