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Quick recipe

So, ramen pizza:
What you need

  • 1 cheapo frozen pizza

  • 1 cheapo package of ramen

  • Water (or milk)

  • A source of heat

How to do it:
Cook ramen according to instructions on package. (Usually it says to boil water, then add the block of noodles. I pour cold milk over them and put the bowl in a microwave to heat them there but, whatever.) Prepare heat source for the pizza. Once the noodles are cooked stir in seasoning (if desired) then drain the water (or milk, in my case. I save it to use for something else be it soup, something to boil hot dogs in or just a tasty snack. Why let good milk go to waste?) Spread noodles over frozen pizza (I add cheese too to keep the noodles from drying out too much) and apply to heat source. It doesn't hurt to add a few minutes to the suggested cook time. Allow to cook, checking periodically. Remove from heat source sometime after top is golden brown and before the smoke alarm goes off. Let cool for a few minutes, slice, eat... Come on, I said eat. I didn't go through all of this just for you to become difficult and waste it all. Eat, and enjoy.

It's quite good. I ate most of it for lunch before work today. The noodles themselves didn't have a very strong flavour but I enjoyed the texture. Some of them had dried so I had crunchy, chewy, dry and moist all in one bite. Yum.

Evil Anime Tonite I unveil my "new" userpic. I say "new" beause it's been on file for six months. I originally intended to debut it with my Acen 2004 full report but, alas, as it's been so long since it appears as tho' I'm a little late. I have a bunch written up but it will remain with my personal writings. I blame my computer for, as soon as I returned from Acen major problems prevented me from accomplishing much other than frustration until it was remedied. But anyway, what you see is an anime caricature of me drawn by Robert DeJesus. Like old t-shirts, userpics should either be used or thrown out and this one still has its original creases. N'joy!

- E V I L O U T -

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