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"Alive, it's alive. It's ALIIIIIIIIIVE!!!"

This is the first time I've written from work so let's see how much I can get in during my allotted 15 minutes.

I took a chance a few minutes ago and made a quick call to a friend I haven't heard from in nearly 3 months. I've been calling and leaving messages regularly but I've gotten no answer or call back. I thought I'd try at an odd time of day and lo and behold! she answered. I was so surprised that I forgot what I was going to say. I had already prepared a message to leave on the answering machine asking to call if she was still alive.

So she's alive and apparently well having been out of town for a couple weeks straight and then having company at home for a couple more. Still, as many times that I called I would have thought someone would have picked up at least once. I'm not sure what to think yet. I would have appreciated knowing that she would be unavailable for an extended period of time so I wouldn't worry. To tell the truth, I was getting ready to leave a message to the effect of "If you don't want to talk to me again please let me know at least that much." and "Can I have my stuff back?" since she still has my boombox on a long-term loan. Plus, I think I left some empty CD cases the last time I was there.

Anyway, we used to hang out regularly and chat on the phone at least once a week but I think not long before she "vanished" we may have been drifting a little. Still, I didn't think it was enough to worry about since we both had some minor changes in our lives, her job and my other obligations on weekends. One thing that occurred to me is that she found a boyfriend which would be nice. I still don't know how many friends she has in the area since she moved her a couple years ago. An unsettling thought I had was that she thought we were dating and was hurt by something I may have said or done somewhere along the line. We aren't, but never really talked about it to make it clear.I don't really put much toward that possibility at the moment because what I heard today makes more sense. Still, she could have called.

Carp, time for work again. Maybe more later tonite.

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