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Two weekends in review - YARRRRH!!

Aw cripes. I feel tired, but better. I just spent 20 or so minutes exercising, the first workout of what will be many. After doing pushups and situps 5 nights a week all last winter with no apparent sign of physical change other than increased endurance for pushups and situps I slacked off while waiting to decide on a better plan. After my physical last week Doc recommended pretty much the same thing (pushups and situps, not slack) I was ready to start again but the day after that I succumbed to a deadly souvenir cold from D.C. and had to hold off. I've been recovering progressively and decided tonight is the nite to begin again!

I worked my new scheduled weekend overtime hours for the first time this morning and hit mah jongg at the game store with Dad for the first time in a couple months. Having had only four or so hours of sleep last night after Thea's Pirate Party (more on that later) wearied me considerably and I was out of it for a while upon returning home. I pretty much vegged out with Elvira for the next few hours finding a seemingly endless supply of amusing and fascinating things to read. I'm half-expecting a call from Hal tonite but other than that I have not plans. Still, I got sick of sitting here for a change and had to move around.

Anyway, I've been pretty lax on entries this past week for one reason or another. Mornings have been pretty busy and evenings too when I'm not too lazy exhausted to do anything. But I still wanted to record some of the stuff from these past couple weekends.

Last Saturday, the 16th, was Jon's birthday and he wanted to visit Cave of the Mounds. I drove and got us there in the late morning. It's been many years since I've been there but it's remained relatively unchanged. I remember little of my previous visit(s) but it was all familiar. Tickes are $12 but Jon sweetalked the girl at the register into giving him a birthday discount, however the best she could do was a dollar off as a "senior." This prompted from Jon a weak voice and a bout of deafness being so close to the grave after his nine and twenty years. Tours were leaving every half hour but we had 20 minutes to spare browsing everything in the gift shop. Summary: mostly rocks.

Before the tour is a short video explaining the natural history of how the cave formed, a very brief summary of how it was discovered and some pretty pictues of what we'd find within. Just as we were about to depart for below a few more people and their kids were admitted. Damn! Our guide did a good job but she dumbed things down for the children, one of which did nothing but whimper the entire time, especially when our guide adjusted the lighting. It took quite a bit to resist taunting him and laughing Evil-ly in the underground acoustics.

It was fun to hear the kids ooh and ahh so much whenever we were presented with a different type of mineral formation but I got tired of it after 10 minutes and began wishing we had left without them. I still enjoyed the tour tho', and felt first time wonder and deja vu at the same time. I expected a little more variety in colours but I may have been thinking about another cave. It lasted about an hour and after our eyes adjusted to the light once again we found ourselves back in the gift shop where I bought a slice of agate, hematite earrings and the largest chunk of pyrite I have ever come to own.

From Cave o' th' Mounds to 20th Century Books to lunch with Famous Dave. They're birthday discounts involve more than just showing up with ID so THAT didn't happen, but we still had a hearty and delicious meal. For a time last year I dinned there once a week but I haven't had the craving for that type of meal for a long time. It was good to treat myself once again.

I took some time to look for costume parts at Ragstock and found a good shirt for the upcoming pirate party. Nothing good for my undertaker outfit but I haven't exhausted all my options yet. Still looking for jewelery we stopped at Shakti and for the first time in my life I found hematite rings that actually fit! Normally sizes go up to my pinky at best but these fit the fingers I use for rings. I bought one of each style and Jon found one for himself. Score! . . . As an afterthought, I should have purchased a few more as I have a feeling these may break easily.

Bought a couple sesame rice balls at I'm Here and partook in my first Anime Club in three weeks. I was relieved FMP showed in my absence and I brought the episodes for the next weekend I would miss (dammit, but at least I'm responsible about it.) It was good to be back! despite my cold, and the chairs that are never comfortable, and the fact that people rarely listen when I'm talking. I hope I don't miss too many more this semester.

Jon and I left after the three series as neither of us were familiar with what was playin in OAV time. I'm glad I was able to share his birthday with him. Timing will be different next year as it won't be on a weekend again for several years but I'll try to think of something.

Sunday started at a late brunch with Thea. She woke me with a call and we worked out the details while listening to each other's sleepy mumbles. We met at the Eatery where the food is a lot better than I remember and prices are quite agreeable. Seriously, I don't know why I haven't been eating there for years already! Any restaurant that serves breakfast all day gets bonus points in my book and I had a hearty meal, ordering a little extra not knowing that there would be so much.

The original plan was just brunch and then go feed and see her seahorses. She had the day off from work last-minute and mentioned needing to go to the city for party and pet stuff. I suggested going together and we made a day of it. It was a good day too; as if there had never been any weirdness between us.

First the seahorses, which are adorable. I've never seen them outside of PBS and magazines and it was a trip to watch them up close. They were each about a couple inches long with skin like tiny alligators and yet at the same time appearing soft and supple. They have tiny fins (or possibly flippers) at the sides of their head and on the back that keeps them upright. She has three or four and the male is pregnant (you should watch more PBS) so there will be more soon.

I took several pictures tho' all but the one in the quarantine tank downstairs were shy. Seahorses are social creatures and the one in solitary looked lonely. She was sluggish and didn't want to move until Thea wiggled her finger on the side of the tank and it came out. It was so cute. It won't be too much longer before it can join the others.

In the city we stopped several places and I found some things for my costume like boot covers and a clip-on hoop earring. Thea found a corset-like top at Hot Topic and I shamelessly purchased the second volume of Invader Zim. We went back and forth to a couple places before we eventually found most of what we needed. It wasn't until I returned home that night when I was able to put together my entire pirate outfit.

I looked pretty good and a couple people mentioned at the party the next weekend that I was one of the best dressed there. I was asked to come early to help setup so I ended up hanging the walls for the big tent she rented and putting up fly strips because all the flies in the neighborhood came inside while it rained on and off all morning. But once it cooled off they went elsewhere leaving only their sticky graveyards of despair.

It was the most fun I'd had at a party in a long time. I knew just about everyone there and most stayed for most of the get-together. sacredspud made the least effort to dress up so he was swarmed and when the dust cleared he'd had a bandanna, sash and eyepatch forced on him. Smashing!

I also had the great pleasure of meeting tlhinganhom and sweetconcord for the first time who, I must add, are much cooler in person than I had ever imagined. Lindsay has been eager to point this out whenever I see her which leads me to believe that she's quite smitten with the couple. So inviting Hal and COllin was a good idea after all tho' I was unsure what would happen since sacredspud was the only other person there who knew them. It took a few minutes to keep from confusing Collin and Colin until we decided that one merely had an "l" deficiency.

Just a note on Pirate Twister since I've things to do and this entry is already being typed a week behind. The game was slightly modified so we did not play with hands and feet. Someone changed the spinner to read: Left hand HOOK, Right hand PISTOL, Left foot BOOT and Right foot PEG. More fun and everyone was thoroughly embarrassed. I won all the rounds I played and quietly crowned myself Pirate Twister Champion. YARRR!!

Yes, yes, a great weekend. I have another coming up with Halloween which is why I'm cutting this one short. (short, ha!) This past week (which is to say, this coming week in my journal) was (will be?) so busy that I had little opportunity for journaling. Hopefully next week will be better.

The 30th is the 66th anniversary of the Mercury Theater's radio dramatization of H.G. Wells' The War of the Worlds and I will, as always, be doing my get-lost-in-the-middle-of-nowhere-and-listen-in-the-dark thing, but this time will have to wait until after anime club. Then pass out KING SIZE candy bars on Halloween. The kids'll love me.

- E V I L O U T -

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