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Ok, last Friday is now updated and just before midnite. Not that it matters since this is all a week late anyway but I don't want to be any more than a week late. It looks like the last two days will be on time as well since I had to cancel out on visiting family this weekend for my uncle's birthday because I have a cold.

I first noticed signs on Tuesday when my post-nasal drip just didn't want to stop. My doctor noticed it during my physical but cited slight irritation in my left nostril as the cause and not a virus. By Wednesday it was on me for sure and I think the past couple days may have been its peak. But even if I feel better tomorrow (as I do right now) I should still probably stay away from grandma as the last cold she got persisted for three weeks.

But I'm still carrying on with my plans that were set before the trip northward being: visit Cave of the Mounds with Jon for his birthday, do some shopping at Ragstock for my pirate outfit in preparation for the Pirate party next weekend and then to Anime Club. That reminds me, I need to take along two DVDs of Full Metal Panic since I'll be missing next week due to said party and the next volume to be played only has three episodes. I suppose I should be doing that right now insted of writing about it but there will be time tomorrow before I leave the house for the day. I'm driving after all.

Bah, what's all this nonesense? I'm rambling again. Just forget about all this and check out my penultimate day in D.C.

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