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The Second Post!

Ah yes, I'm well underway in this journal with my second post. Or are they called "entries"? I'm not sure. I know enough web terminology to fill a thimble. A rather large, cumbersome and relatively useless thimble but a thimble nonetheless. I don't think I've ever seen a thimble that size, let alone someone who could use it. Well, there *was* this one guy who...

Ok, I think I'm going to start a new paragraph before that last one goes places where one ought not to go at this time of night. I think I originally started this one to comment on the first post/entry... Postry?? What the heck is that? Sounds like something you might munch on while mailing out letters. "I'll take one glazed, one chocolate, and one with that horrid pseudo-mint flavoured glue that someone invented as a sick practical joke." Really, who came up with that stuff? As if envelope glue didn't taste bad enough already. Licking paper is enough to make anyone gag as it is wi...

Ahh, the clean break of text as it goes from one paragraph to another in search of fresh and new topics without the cluttered droppings of a sleep-deprived mind. I was going to talk about "Kublawocky," wasn't I? Yes, that was it. The idea first came to me more than a year and a half ago. I recently had a lengthy conversation with my good friend Shimatta about the poem "Kubla Khan."* I had just read it in full for the first time and we were sorting out the story and images therein. The original was written on the fringes of an opium-induced dream and is quite complex in style and imagery. It was a great experience and in the following days I read it again and again, each time finding something new to love about it.

Sometime later I was attempting to bring forth memorable lines from "Kubla Khan" to entertain myself and study them further without much success. In deepest thought stayed I and then the lines came up and back again. They mixed and melded in my brain and what arose was not the same. While trying to remember this poem, lines from another, committed to memory long ago**, found their way in and what I came up with was the first stanza to "Kublawocky," almost as it appears in the final version.

I found this very amusing, and naturally went to work composing another stanza or two along the same lines where they quickly sifted to the back of my clipboard to be forgotten behind the ideas for the other story that was taking priority at the time.

I came back to "Kublawocky" now and then, each time finding it as enjoyable as the first and always trying to add something new to it, be it a single rhyme or several lines, before letting it be again. I never could just leave it to the slush pile of ideas started and never used.

Come the end of aught two ('02 for those not familiar with analogue expressions) I finished the story that had taken up much of my efforts until then and I was able to relax for a time. I turned again to "Kubla Khan" and memorized it as it had quickly become one of my absolute favourite poems along side of "Jabberwocky" and "The Raven." My own melding of the first two (with style-theft from the third) was soon to come.

July of aught three saw a working version, and with minor adjustments due to a couple of trusted friends' critiques, finally saw completion. I'm very pleased with the outcome. There's only one line that I may change in future, but the reader won't suffer what they don't know and for now, I'm happy.

I'm also tired. It's been a busy nite learning about this live journal thingie and talking with a friend about the Victoria's Secret special on CBS tonite... and looking at the website... and checking out pics of the models... Mmmmmm.

Uh, anyway! One last thing about "Kublawocky" is that it was written without the aid of mind-altering drugs of any kind(which could be why it took so long.) Just a lot of reading and occasional confusion as to which reality is which.

* The original "Kubla Khan" text: http://www.bartleby.com/101/550.html

** The original "Jabberwocky" text: http://www.jabberwocky.com/carroll/jabber/jabberwocky.html
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