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Evil Jim

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02:30 pm: I am returned
Hello my friends, fiends and fans, I have returned safely from my trip to Washington D.C. this past week. Expect this week's updates to be sparse as I will be updating last week from the journal I kept while on vacation. You probably won't find those entries on your "friends" page as I'm posting them on the day they were originally written, so if you want to read them I suggest going to my own Journal page and following from there. I filled over 40 pages in my little orange book last week which is quite a bit to copy and edit, but I will continue with one day per day until next Sunday which will end with my return flight home today and adventures therein. (I've been home for two and a half hours now and I still don't have all of my luggage yet.)

It's been a splendid vacation but I will be glad to return to my day-to-days for now, refreshed, relaxed and ready for the next escape!

- E V I L O U T -

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