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Evil Jim

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01:00 pm: I'd rather be writing
I really should be packing but I've been thinking about writing all morning. Not real writing, just more journaling. There were a couple points left out of last night's that I wanted to record being:

* It's too bad Monica didn't stay for the last two episodes of RD season VI because those each had a new and unique version of the ending theme, one on a Hammond organ and the other sung by Elvis.

* Speaking of, towards the beginning of "Dimension Jump" there is a scene where Rimmer and Kryten have used the matter transporter to travel to an Earth-like world to investigate... stuff. At one point they are walking down an empty country road when suddenly Elvis jumps out of the bushes with a machine gun and says, "Reach for the sky, boys!" When this happend I heard Collin mutter, "Um... what the hell?" I still find this very amusing.

* Big statues frighten me. I realized this when looking through the guidebook for D.C. and saw the Marine Corps war memorial depicting the raising of the flag at Iwo Jima. For some reason, seeing such a huge statue of people in an "action" pose unnerves me. If they're standing still or even naked like "David" I can handle it. But, if instead of holding a book and torch the statue of liberty were poised to throw a shotput at the World Trade Center Chrystler building it would probably freak me out.

This morning I dropped matt_william's television off, ran a couple of other errands and went to my folks to plan with Dad about our trip. More on that later, actually, as I've just looked at the time and still need to scarf lunch before work.

- E V I L O U T -

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