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Having worked Saturday morning, dined with many fellow Anime Clubbers at a fine Japanese restaurant before the show, then enjoyed the final episodes of the current series I have finally gotten enough sleep for a change and am now ready to start my day. Granted, it is now early Monday morning and I've already done some stuff, but now is my first chance to talk about it.

I didn't do much today as it is. I awoke between three and four in the afternoon which is probably due to being awake for 25 hours plus and that on 5 hours of sleep. It was a gooooood feeling, tho'. Mmmmmm. I love mornings like that. When I awoke, I actually wanted to stay awake. Of course, I'll probably be wide-awake until 6am now.

First thing I did was turn the gas stove back on and cook some bacon & eggs, mainly 'cause it smells good. Then I hung those posters I've had for months and only recently got them framed. They are Pirogoeth and Broken Miho, both by Fred Gallagher of Megatokyo. I suppose anyone can tell by now how much I like his work. Now I need to find a way to hang that giant Pink Floyd poster. I have so many boring white walls that I need to cover up. I may make the spare bedroom (once it's cleared out) double as a black-light poster room just to mess with guests but that's a ways off yet. I give myself about a year to work on it since it'll be that long before Chad can make a return visit from Texas. (I think I've had more links in this paragraph than any other entry so far.)

Dinner with the parental units was good. Mom prepared heroin chicken wings. Yes, that's what it's called... No, I'm not joking... Ok, I didn't actually see the recipe but that's what Mom said. Anyway, the wing tips are cut off and the meaty part dipped in butter and drowned in parmesan cheese so a better name would be "parmesan chicken." Good stuff.

I had more to talk about but I got distracted trying to find the links posted above. Overall, this has been a great weekend. I need more like it. Coming up I have some days off, nothing special, just using up the leftover vacation time before I lose it at the end of the year. Somehow, since there are a couple different types of vacation time, I think one hour was changed to one day off. I'm not complaining, nor am I telling it to anyone that could change it back.

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