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The Great Red Dwarf-a-thon and weekend in revue

I cut work early Friday night to see Ghost in the Shell: Innocence and was not disappointed. I went straight from work and since I got there more than an hour before the show I took a walk up and down State Street. I made a detour lakeside and watched the boats and ducks and enjoyed the strong breeze. Of the eight or nine ducks that passed I saw only one male, the little devil, and I cheered him and his little harem on as they made their way across the water in front of the patio where I was standing.

I got back to the theater with plenty of time to spare and failed to get a student discount on my ticket when the cashier asked "Student ID?" and I replied, "Sorry, not on me." Perhaps my lie hint was too subtle but I didn't mine; movies at Market Square are still cheaper than the big theaters in town. It's also the only theater that sells ice cream so I bought a double-scoop waffle cone of rockey road to enjoy before the show.

The movie itself was very good and I hope I can see it again in theater when I return from my vacation. I'd like to see the original one more time before that but I was still able to follow without much difficulty. Having seen </i>GitS: Stand Alone Complex</i> last semester really helped as I already knew the characters. But like most anime, it was difficult for me to keep up at times. I'm horrible with names to begin with and having to read subtitles while following events on screen is enough distraction to set me behind now and then. However, I'm much better at that now then when I first began watching subbed anime.

By the way, Sy Borg by Frank Zappa is now playing on my iTunes party shuffle.

I have an issue with the sexual tastes of people in the future. The opening hook was about cyborg "love dolls" that would serve then kill their Johns. This piques the attention of Public Security Section 9 for according to the three laws of robotics, no robot may harm a human. (I don't know why the fact that Assimov's laws have become ubiquitous in sci-fi annoys me but it does.) Anyway, these "love dolls" are dumpy, chunky and ugly. Why anyone in any state of mind would want to boink one of thes is beyond me. Euuulgh!

Despite that, I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. It's quite a visual feast with a soundtrack I now realize I must own. CGI combined with hand-drawn animation is a bit distracting when they don't do it right, but you get used to it before you might miss anything important. My favourite part is when Batou and Togusa visit Kim's mansion and are greeted in the entrance hall by a massively massive music box which plays a haunting tune that resounds throughout the following scenes. This is the song that makes me need the soundtrack, and the scene I see most often when I remember the movie.

Saturday I finished cleaning up the place and headed over to Tom's for his b-day get-together before A-Club. I didn't do much more than talk with Tom and watch his friends play video games I gave him the CDR of the 11 minutes of live-action footage edited from End of Eva which was well received. It's an interesting relic and I know he'll enjoy it. He said he'll try to figure out the dialog by himself first as practice since he'll hopefully be an exchange student to Japan next year. For those interested, the file can be found here.

A-Club was good as always but I skipped the next four episodes of Here and There, Then and Now as I will miss then ending anyway. I know where I can find fansubs when I have more time to fill myself in on the ending.

matt_william showed up on time Sunday morning for the Dwarf-a-thon to set up. His TV and DVD player worked great and when I finally do get an entertainment setup for the living room I will probably do something similar. sacredspud arrived spot on time to my surprise as he told me he would be here but not when. If it was just Matt and myself I would have waited a bit for more people but we had enough to begin Season I at ten. Monica showed up around eleven and Thea at one after a call to say she was getting some munchies at the store and does anyone else want anything. She wasn't kidding about munchies as it took both of us to haul them all in. I didn't bother with introductions as I thought we all knew each other and she went straight into unpacking and preparing some delicious taco dip for the four bags of chips she brought. When she left after Season II she didn't take anything with her which surprised me because she must have bought at least $20 worth of groceries. Anyway, this solved the problem of food for the day.

An amusing side note, since I haven't even gotten to Red Dwarf yet: as we said our goodbyes to Thea she was on her way out and apologized to the guy on the couch that she didn't get to meet him. I found this a tad confusing and Monica and I said in unison "That's Colin." Thea's jaw hit the floor and she pretty much spent the next five minutes laughing as she finally recognized him in better lighting without the goatee and long hair. They spent the next half hour or so getting reacquainted outside before she left, but not before demanding I visit to see her seahorses and attend her and Monica's pirate party in October.

The only other guest was Sarah L. who unfortunately had to leave after only three episodes due to extreme fatigue caused by the World Dairy Expo this month. She wasn't heartbroken tho' as she was still able to make it and already owns the DVDs for what she missed.

I'm glad I was finally able to do this as it was a lot of fun. I'd already seen all the episodes at least twice this year but things like this are always better with a bunch of friends, especially when much of it as new to them as much of it was to all besides Sarah and myself. Thea hadn't watched much since we'd first discovered the series on PBS several years ago and Colin and Monica had only seen random episodes from a couple seasons.

I'd like to do this again in the near future when series V is released when hopefully more people will be able to attend, ESPECIALLY tlhinganhom since, to my horror, she didn't get my informative e-mail in time. She has also suggested a Tick-a-thon together would be good to do this winter when I will have more Saturdays free, Saturdays being better as we can go late and have Sunday to recover. It sounds like my place has already been decided which would again be good for that anyway since I have the room and as long as someone is willing to provide the equipment will work out fine.

And as long as I'm on the subject of marathon showings of TV series I'd like to do an Eva-thon sometime this winter as well. Of course, I'd have to begin with the Eva: alternate opening AMV, and being the fanboy that I am I'll probably buy the new, superdeluxe DVDs of the series and start off with those, go through episode 19 of the rest of the volumes, switch to the director's cuts of episodes 20-24, then end with End of Evangelion. After a break for those left to collect their sanity I'd end with Evangelion: Death and REdeath! This would be another winter break showing since there's been interest in the club and more folks will (hopefully) be available then. I'll have more time to scheme plan after D.C. and after writing for two hours, I'm getting a little tired.

Having downloaded a few more shows recently, I'm down to a few precious gigs of hard drive space, so over the weekend I deleted 99% of the smut on Elvira to make room. I'm not sure what exactly this says about me, trading smut for anime, but now I'm not so worried about what friends may find when poking around on my computer. All that's left are a few pictures, most of which I could probably convince even my parents were "art", which is why I like them anyway.

Monday (yesterday) I called Lindsay and invited her and Tick over to watch more Azumanga Daioh. We're nearly to my favourite episode and I lamented that they didn't stay long enough to get to it that night. I really should have been planning for my vacation but I wanted to do that once more before I left.

Today (finally, today at last!) I overslept and still made it to Madison to drop my camera off for repairs. It only took five minutes to tell them what's wrong and find out when I'll know more about it. I'll still probably get a digital camera before I leave but I decided to take it to the shop before deciding that so it went in today.

On the way there I passed by the capitol and as I waited at a red light I saw sprinklers on the lawn catch sunlight through the trees. It was very pretty and I wished I could have been there on a park bench rather than a car with the engine running so I could have enjoyed the moment longer.

Having plenty of time to spare I checked out a couple of used clothing shops in hopes of finding pieces for my undertaker's costume. One shop had just the tuxedo coat I needed but it was too small. Ragstock had the slacks but again, too small. I could have worn the former if I desperately needed them but I still have time to look. Ragstock also had a tux shirt (I'm not sure what exactly you call them but they have all the vertical pleats going down the front) that I almost bought but I want to check my Monty Python episodes that I'm using for reference before committing to a purchase. Again, all this work will be going to what Sheri calls "another creepy-guy-in-black" costume but I still don't have a good outfit to go with my top hat and this will be perfect. Next, I suppose, will be a Snidely Whiplash-type outfit since I can do the handlebar mustache and accent to a "T", but that's for another time.

Before I forget again, there's a tiny restaurant on State Street that sells Russian Dumplings... and nothing else. The cook said they did pretty well for selling only two items, those being beef or potato dumplings. I had an order of both with curry and hot sauce. Unfortunately, the hot sauce was the same stuff they leave on tables at Noodles which to me makes everything HOT and not at all tasty. Once I cooled it off a bit with the strange liquid kept in botles on the tables and a healthy dollop of sour cream I could tell it would have been quite good. Could have done without the slice of rye bread, tho'. I ordered another for dinner at work and was off, still unable to pronounce or remember the name of the place, but I will go there again when next I am able. One cool thing I noticed was the bookcase packed with LPs and topped with a record player. While waiting for my second order I browsed long enough to find a copy of Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here without the picture sleeve. Had I seen this earlier I would have tried to play it but my food was ready and time was running out. Again, something for next time.

Damn, I'm glad I took care of what needed taking care of before starting this. I think I should stop now before I oversleep again.

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