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The perfect gift

Tom is observing his 16th birthday this weekend and invited me to the gathering. It'll be a bit of a squeeze for time as I have things to do in the morning and A-Club in the evening (which he won't be attending due to the gathering) but I'll make an appearance and drop off my gift

I was originally going to give him a very exact cash sum good for one anime DVD title at, say, Best Buy but I came across something on the internet last night that's even better. Apparently there was at least 11 minutes of live action footage filmed and edited but not used in The End of Evangelion. It centers around Asuka and a life without Shinji. A web search for available downloads of Evangelion: Death & REdeath accidentally brought me to an avi file and the script by Hideki Anno, the latter completely translated. Being the Eva nut that he is I know Tom will love this, if he hasn't see it already.

Hopefully this isn't something that everyone else already knows about because otherwise it'll be a little anticlimactic when I present it. Still, I can always fall back on the cash option, even tho' I doubt he's expecting anything at all from me except my presence. Note: that's presence.

This afternoon I'm cutting out of work early at the sacrifice of four hours of overtime put in last Sunday to see Ghost in the Shell 2 at the University square. I need a little vacation from work after taking over for Kyle and his crappy job. I'll be at the University Square for the 7:20 showing for anyone who wants to look for and join me. If not, have fun Evil Jim!

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