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These pipes are cleeeeean!!

What th'... Live Journal has a new look for the "Update" page. Neat.

Time to take a little break from cleaning and make an update!

I felt like crap when I awoke at eight this morning for an appointment at Barry Optical but by the time I got home and slacked off for a bit I felt much better and it was still EARLY! I've been sleeping in so much lately that by the time I feel well enough to do anything productive it's time to go to work. Here, it's not even noon and I've done a bunch of stuff.

It would seem to some people that I've been cleaning a lot lately, or that my house must be a total mess but Neither of which are true. Due to aforementioned oversleepness and other interruptions in the evenings I've had less time to tidy up than I prepared for, leaving me with only short opportunities to get things in order. Last night, since no one called or dropped by, I picked up the living room, vacuumed all the rooms that require such activity and today I swept the kitchen and cleaned the toilet. Since I don't do this every week, having company over is a good excuse to get all this done. Otherwise, my house is clean enough to be healthy and dirty enough to be happy. (That's on a plaque in my grandmother's kitchen.) Whee. Almost done.

I even have mose of my wall scrolls up now. Until the other night there was just the one in my computer room and the other in the hall. I've run out of picture hooks but the nice thing about wall scrolls is that they're light enough for a single push pin. Something as simple as that helps fill the place in. I still have plenty of blank walls tho'. I have some ideas as to what I still want to do with my place but I'm not sure how to get there. It's still obviously a bachelor pad. I guess I need a girl to help organize things. Sheree, do you offer home-decorating tips?

Tuesday night I had a dream which is great because A.) I usually don't remember my dreams and 2.) it wasn't just a confusing jumble of randomness. I was getting the place ready so I could help Sakaki take care of some cats she had taken in. She was very lovely as a real person (and not Japanese, by the way) and as she sat on the couch talking to my parents I had to warn myself about falling for her because of the age difference. But then, if I was still living with my folks in the dream, I don't know how old I was. And yes, she's very quiet and polite, but sweet. And the room just lights up when she's happy. (sigh)

This seems to be the week for reunions. Sunday I saw Thea for the first time in nearly four years. Tuesday Jen called for the first time in Six months and yesterday Dennis stopped by work again to visit and pick up some boxes. He was there last week but I've barely seen nor heard from him in the year or so since he left the company. I've made sure to get current e-mail addresses and keep them handy. One of these days I'm going to make a master list so I won't have to wait for someone to contact me to get their info again.

Aw Crap! Yesterday was the first day of Autumn. I wanted to at least be able to acknowledge the change before it happened. Come back summer! All is forgiven!!

Looking at the calendar, yesterday Matt should have left for Japan were all to have been well. It was a little sad when I realized that yesterday morning. But now Pop Japan Travel has their Winter Tour Itinerary posted and I've been finding some things there I would like to see. Namely Day Six - Mt Fuji - Hakone & "Onsen." I keep seeing hot springs in anime and manga and my interest to try one has been ever increasing. The place mentioned sounds most awesome and seems to be weighing me toward the winter rather than the spring tour. Still, it will take more than that to drag me from Sakurabra.

Things are looking good for the Red Dwarf-a-Thon so far. I sent out all the invites and happened upon a couple other people who were interested and had to write a few more. If worse comes to worst it will just be me and [Unknown LJ tag] all day with a couple others stopping in now and then but it will still be fun.

Well back to reading more Dinosaur Comics work!

- E V I L O U T -

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