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Evil Jim

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01:30 am: Kanon and stuff
I have a few things done tonight before setting myself in front of the magic box. Mostly the typical Thursday-night stuff in preparation for Friday morning. I didn't feel ambitious enough to do more than that but I am well aware of my responsibilities around here.

Anjean wrote again today, this time with an address to the orchard she and friends are going to be at this weekend. I plugged it into Mapquest and actually found a logical route! I think I might be able to use the directions to get where I need to go for a change! Most of my friends are well aware of how logical directions from free online map services are. On a trip to Illinois some time back Jon pointed out that there were a number of unnecessary exits listed just so we would hit more tolls.
Anyway, I'll be joining them Sunday once I find out what time they're planning on being there. I think the last time I was to an orchard of any sort was when I was in grade school. I'm looking forward to this, and the likelihood of buying some fresh cider before returning home.

No HTML studying tonite just yet. If I can't find the SWE online I may go on to the next chapter on background. Of course, after I learn enough coding to begin designing my web site, I still need to figure out how to make it available for all to awe. Unfortunately, I've also begun watching Kanon care of those happy folks at Bit Torrent so entertainment and education will have a bloody battle when I finally have to decide.

Kannon is a series we originally previewed for the spring semester in A-Club this year. I don't remember whether I voted for it or not but it left an interesting impression that stayed with me until I discovered it at Scarywater not long ago. The first episode is cute and a little mysterious but it gets better as the story progresses. I learned yesterday that it was based on a dating game which is still a new concept for me but it's got me hooked so far.

Chad is online. I haven't seen him for a while so I'll leave off for now.

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