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A good Thrashin' and more

</p>At the time I begin writing these words I don't have anything significant to say however, there is still a need to write. Until I discover why I shall begin a somewhat random narration of recent events.</p>

I have just referred to W3 Schools in search of how to indent and found the following:

The last-line-end-indent property defines an indent to the last line-area child of the last block-area generated by the object, and to any line-area generated by the object whose following sibling is a block-area that is not a line-area.

I have no idea what that means and does not help at all in my search for improving my formatting. Normally I just hit the "Enter" key twice to begin a new paragraph. But in wanting to keep in practice with certain writing techniques I am endeavoring to adapt my style correctly. This has begun with simple e-mail letters and another obvious inclusion is my journal. Unfortunately, I still can't find the "indent" tag if, indeed, it even exists. Perhaps all I need is the "pre" tag which preserves the original formatting, but I don't think that is the proper use for it. So until I find the answer I will be doing it this way for now.

Didn't do any more studying today excepting the time spent searching for how to indent. I'm not sick of it yet which is a good sign. Sometimes I get started on something and don't last past the initial burst of interest. That's very unfortunate when that happens to my stories. If I can't write something down immediately I keep going with it in my head until I'm out of material and I move on to other things. I've lost more stories that way than I want to think about.

In the fury of frustration last night when I lost most of the previous post I forgot to mention that I took matt_william and my father to the Rock River Thresheree on Labor Day. I've always been fascinated with steam power and this is the one weekend of the year I can fully indulge myself. Dad loved it of course, having introduced me to the festival a few years ago and Matt seemed to have a good time, tho' his quiet stretches made me wonder if he was getting bored at times. I also met one of my neighbors whom I recognized for one of his homemade vehicles on display which looks like a steam engine on a frame with car seats which I saw parked in my neighborhood Labor Day weekend last year.

We ran into sacredspud and his father while talking with my neighbor and had a brief conversation which can only be described as "terse," standoffish" and "Dennis." I shared my honeycomb all around and his dad offered me a large quantity of honey, which I accepted. I only hope it wasn't a joke because, using as little as I do as it is, I rather like the idea of having enough honey to last the rest of my life.

To see Colin and his dad side by side I would never have guessed they were related had I not known better. But part of that could come from the mild sense of unease I got when I saw he resembles my former DC manager whom I've never liked. His dad is a nice guy tho', and after talking for a moment I remembered seeing him once or twice before when Colin still lived at home.

Not much changes from year to year at the Thresheree but I enjoy seeing it all again. I was greatly disappointed to find the pile driver was not operating that day, probably being through with demonstrations for the weekend and year. I had hoped Matt could see it in action pounding telephone poles into the ground with its seven ton hammer and spitting a boiling spray of water everywhere but all we could do was stare in awe of it's form. But there's always next year.

I did some browsing at the English Luis Royo web site but couldn't find the painting I was looking for. I'm not going to complain about extending my search because his works of erotic fantasy are just amazing. He's an artist for Heavy Metal and I learned of him through the SWE who uses one of his paintings as her profile pic in chat rooms, that, being the painting I'm trying to find.

I've had this by my computer for a month with the intend of posting the results in my journal. I had a cholesterol test on August 3rd and here are the results:

Evil Jim's Cholesterol

  • 62 - Triglyceride (fatty substance in blood - less than 200 desirable)

  • 41 - HDL cholesterol ("good cholesterol" - Values over 40 are desirable)

  • 76 - LDL ("bad cholesterol" - less than 100 desirable for me)

  • 129 - Total Cholesterol (less than 200 desirable)

  • I'm rather proud of this, tho' it's due to no effort on my part. Don't watch too closely what I eat and I know I could use more exercise. My dad used to use his test results as an excuse to have fried eggs and bacon on the day he got the numbers but now he has to take mediation to regulate it. My grandfather could have died earlier had he not drastically reduced his salt intake so I already take some precautions in what I consume. Still, looking at my family I think I have some pretty good genes in me so I hope I can tough it out without too many problems. I would like to see Halley's comet again.

    I think I'm about out for now. That's 1,000 words and I still haven't found that picture yet.

    - E V I L O U T -


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