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Too much coding makes Evil eyes go wonky @_@

(Note: Most of the first copy of this entry was lost. I type these in Word Pad because the LJ box is too small to properly edit text and I worry about losing entries due to browser troubles. When I went to save progress in this one it froze and it is now "not responding." Some text is still visible, including most of the fourth paragraph below, but I've lost almost half of the original document. I'm still leaving the original window up in case one of my friends online can help me save the original content but since this may be the only version I have, I'm attempting to rewrite it. Naturally, it's not as lengthy or spontaneous the second time around. I've been on the computer so damn long today that I'm sick of it. But I won't let all the work I put into that file go to waste.)


I have been on the computer for about seven hours now. I woke up at about two because I felt like crap and because I could, having the day off. I'm using some vacation hours because it's supposed to be a very slow work day and I volunteered when they asked for such last Friday.

I forgot to make an appointment at the eye doctor and they were booked so I couldn't do a walk-in. I made an appointment for next Saturday morning so that kept me from driving anywhere today. I heated a breakfast burrito and ear of corn for a belated meal and took in a couple more episodes of Dual (which is a bit like Neon Genesis Evangelion with downs syndrome.) That was pretty much my day before gluing myself to Elvira here. iTunes is currently playing the eighth album of Mannheim Steamroller's Fresh Aire series, having already gone through the first seven. This extended study session has made me pretty much sick of being here but I wanted to get at least a brief entry in before calling it quits and going to rot my brain on something less important.

Last night I activated my online web account and downloaded 1st Page 2000 HTML editor. The in-program tutorial is a bit confusing since it doesn't define all the terms it uses, but I found W3 Schools online web tutorial a while back which has been very useful in teaching me the basics so far. I've had little difficulty learning tags and what not and have created a very long, silly and embarassing page in 1st Page while practising.

Unfortunately, all this coding has made me sick of it for the time being. I didn't even want to bother with an entry tonite but decided to anyway because Live Journal is where I first began learning tags, albeit the most basic ones needed to format text. I think I'm done for the night with W3 but not without significant results. I'm most proud of my repair to this entry, whose image link had a lot wrong with it to display properly. I had a resized image that I wanted to float beside the text and link to another web page in a different browser. That's a lot to code. I'm pleased to say that it now works just the way I intended. Go ahead, try it ^_^

I won't be going to the Bristol Ren Fair this weekend. Turns out, last Sunday was their last day open. At least, that's what I heard from Anjean in her letter today. It also appears that the Faire won't be on next year because it has been bought out. To add insult to injury, the new owner wants to make it a Trekkie fair. I don't know how much of this information is accurate but either way, I'll be stuck in this century this weekend. As a consolation, Anjean and her friend are going to an orchard instead and invited me along. If I can get enough information on the how and where I will try to join them. It sounds like fun but still, no faire.

Last night I called my credit card company and found that my current balance is nearly $400 due to a recent surge in online purchases. I figured, what's another drop in the bucket? and ordered both Azumanga Daioh CD soundtracks from animenation.com. This purchase signaled the beginning of my spending freeze. I've bought quite enough toys lately and need to clear those debts before any more pile up. I have a trip to D.C. to plan for yet and want to be ahead on my bills so it doesn't make a significant dent in savings.

I had to kill my Bit Torrent download a while ago. Back when I first had problems with the other Wordpad doc. I stopped as many programs as I could in case it might help but no luck so far. The download is the entire second season of You're Under Arrest. I don't really need it but it's a fun series and I need a laugh sometimes (like now.) Plus, I've been having problems with the Live Action series downloads so I thought I'd stay with the theme.

Yeah. Speaking of money and downloads, I'll need to get an 80G or so hard drive and DVD burner to begin archiving all the anime and other stuff I've accumulated since discovering the joy of cable internet. Eldon wants his spare drive back soon anyway so I may as well order and have him swap stuff out. This stuff will be less painful to think about Thursday when I get paid.

Hmm. I think that's pretty much all I had to say the first time around. I don't, at the moment, remember what else I wanted to write but writing in and of itself is all I need sometimes. This entry is likely to change if I can save the original file but if you still see these explanations, you'll know better.

- E V I L O U T -

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