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Warning: Random Ramblings Ahead

Here I am once again, once having plans with plenty to say and now that I'm at the keyboard I draw a blank... Ah, Strongbad just informed me that "the current time is 4:30AM. That could explain a few things. I get to leave for work in about an hour and that after leaving at ten last night. These mornings are always a pain because that gives me less than eight hours to sleep, eat and whatever else I need to do before going in again for six hours. The only consolation is that I'm earning double-time which is, let's face it, the only way I'm going to go go near the place on a weekend.

I'm abruptly changing the subject because I'm going to be there all morning, I don't need to think about it any more than that.

The gas thing has been sorted out. I'm gonna turn it back on Sunday when I actually have time. I may cook some soup if I don't decide to visit the folks for dinner. I dunno. I'm still fuzzy right now.

While talking to a friend on the phone yesterday I discovered someone has the same personalized vehicle license plate as me. The only difference being my "I" is their "1." It really makes me wonder what on earth would make another person want that specific plate. I mean, I know why I want it but that's a different story. When did they get that plate? Were they disappointed when the option for "I" didn't work? Are they comming to find me? Is their car (black Mustang, late '60's) nicer in better shape than mine? Should I hunt them down? These are the kind of thoughts that keep me from paying attention when important stuff is going on.

Looking forward to anime tonite. (Yes, I know this post is random, look at the bloody time, will you?) Supposedly the last episode of Excel Saga Is R-rated. I keep hearing people talk about the infamous episode 26 but thankfully I've heard nothing of what happens in the story, just that it's... well, I'll just have to see. This also means that this semister's Anime Club is drawing to a close. There will be a sortof suggestion box for series next semister but unfortunately I don't have anything in my collection I could donate that we haven't seen already. In fact, that's why I have most of the titles I do. My big contribution will be at the next "Craptacular" meet when we show anything and everything (as long as it's bad) and make fun of it. I've been downloading a lot of strange flash animations just of this event. Somewhere I discovered http://www.oddtodd.com and I'm currently sucking up their archive. If I were more awake, I'd have setup to download another episode before starting this entry. Oh well. I've written long enough. I should quit before my hands lose blood flow completely and turn to lumps of marble.

For your amusement, I am not spell-checking this entry.

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