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Anime Club 2004 Fall Showing

First, I post this link for miang so she can hear the song that sacredspud wrote to give me suggestions about what to do with all my Post It!™ notes. I also ask that she pass it along to tcdohl so he can better understand the much belated birthday gift I gave her tonight and hope that he wasn't too frightened about meeting me in person for the first time.

So yeah, tonight was the first meet of the ANIME CLUB'S 2004 FALL SEMESTER SHOW. Sarah and I arrived early and while we ate our subs from Charley's the other Matt subjected us to AMVs until others arrived. He was the first one there and all all alone without access to the projector before we showed up so I turned on the console. I'm not supposed to know the access code but as long as it still worked and we are all responsible "adults" I didn't have any moral qualms with using it.

Matt and Jon showed up soon enough as well as the other regulars who congregated down front. It was really good to see Sheree once again since it had been several months and 99% of our total communication since meeting has been through Live Journal. She'll be sitting behind me once again to keep me in line It was also a pleasure to meet her man in the flesh, Patrick, who has been kind enough to sell his anime at very reasonable prices. I paid him in full for my last purchase (which arrived in today's mail) with a $50 bill folded into a butterfly. I got an Evil inner chuckle from that since he probably won't want to unfold it now. But if he wants another I will be happy to refold it out of a lower denomination.

This was also my first chance to give Sheree her much belated birthday gift as mentioned above. Several pounds of Post It!™ pads and a rubber bonky-mallet to communicate with the neighbor in her apartment that she no longer lives near. She seemed delighted which made lugging them all the way down State Street worthwhile and I only hope she shares with me what she does with them.

I brought along The Animation Show DVD in hopes of showing "Billy's Balloon" before the screeners but the AMVs went on up until zero hour. However, I was pleasantly surprised to see Don Hertzfeldt's "Welcome to the Show" bit used to open which was much more appriate anyway.

Anyway, on with the list of screeners.

Azumanga Daioh is one that I didn't vote for last time it was screened and I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT WAS WRONG WITH ME!! Since then I have been thoroughly enjoying the fansubs (will buy DVDs when all are available and hopefully in one box) and manga. I wasn't overly disappointed that it didn't make the final three but I would have loved to see it in Club, despite having it at home.

Sorcerer Hunters almost made it last semester but for some reason we held another vote to see whether we'd watch three long series or two long and one short. The short vote won out and Please Teacher went on instead. This didn't make it this time and I'm really disappointed. I've had the perfect collection since February and haven't touched it because Sheree and I haven't been able to schedule a weekend for a marathon. She later asked to borrow it some time in the future but I again suggested a group showing. This looks like a fun series that would be much better enjoyed together than alone.

Naruto failed to impress me the first two times it was previewed and I was relieved (tho' surprised) that it didn't make the final cut. My first impression of a Dennis the Menace with magical abilities still hasn't left and, like Harry Potter, the sheer ubiquitousness of it leaves me trying to ignore it.

There was a short break and more AMVs were shown, including one I'd heard of and couldn't find. Spike from Cowboy Bebop was hunting down Vash the Stampede. It was marvelously done and I must now renew my search. No one listened to my demands to see the "Intermission" segment from The Animation Show, also by Don Hertzfeldt, but the Evabop and above mentioned AMV dried my tears.

Twelve Kingdoms will be shown this fall which gives me plenty of time to figure the thing out. It's bizzarre and neat. I didn't vote for it but I won't be walking out any time soon. It's the black sheep of the night since the other two or comedies.

Chrono Crusade or "nuns with guns" as Bob-san proclaimed it, or "Hellsing as a comedy in another branch of the church" for my description. It was amusing but I didn't want 26 episodes of this. At least it looks pretty. I won't condem it just yet because we have 24 more to go.

Full Metal Panic was the hands-down favourite, utterly sweeping the polls with 53 votes! I am a hero!! I already had the first DVD and offered on the forums to buy the rest if there was enough interest. There was more than enough interest and I had the set within a week. It's a great show and manga and I will make as many meets as possible if only for this. After having my anime suggestions and collection ignored and unused for so long I am very happy to provide something that so many will enjoy.

Comic Party was another that looked like fun. A young artist gets sucked into the world of doujinshi (tho' not literally.) It picked up in the latter half of the episode and got my vote but I'll have to borrow it to see the rest. I think Bob-san has it. I'll have to ask.

After the second episodes of the winning series were shown most of the crowd had left and the rest of us watched clips from Ghost in the Shell season 2, Samauri 7, Sailor Moon live action and some 80's Voltron knockoff. I'm quite glad we didn't see more of that.

Tomorrow work in the morning. Nothing else planned. Monday Thresheree with Dad and Matt. Tuesday off from work. Whatever isn't planned I'll make up as I go along.

- E V I L O U T -

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