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Full Moooooooon

I've been watching Luna tonight with my neighbor's telescope. It's full and beautiful. It's so bright whenever I pass through the other rooms that I keep thinking all the porch lights in the neighborhood are on. I'm not used to seeing her like this, so close and personal. I marvel at the detail I can see with merely a couple mirrors and slices of curved glass. To the naked eye she is a blurry, almost blinding dot of light haloed by dim haze fading to darkness. Through my glasses she is a crisp, white coin with seas of gray frozen into the face. With the telescope I see a scarred and battered shield that has survived countless battles with Time itself. I see crevasses and hills, cliffs and mounds, ink sinking into craters at the edge where the moon and space beyond meet. I don't even have to move the lenses. Once I focus I just leave it be and Earth's rotation takes me across the entire surface as I gaze in awe. It's very beautiful. I'm glad tonite, unlike so many others, is so clear.

The last time I did something like this I was very young and Dad took me out of town to set up his telescope at the edge of a field so we could look at the moon. I don't remember if there was a lunar eclipse or other celestial to mark the occasion but the night was magical. Being up and outside when it was so late and dark, traveling to the edges of the only world I knew to have my first good look at another, it was the first glimpse of something that would become a very important part of me.

But now, I have a jug of moonlight cooled water outside waiting.

- E V I L O U T -

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