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Midsummer Mitsuwa

I begin this post with two bandages on the fingers of my right hand. I burned them while ironing earlier. They don't hurt as much after applying petroleum jelly and said bandages but it's a little bulky to type with. I'm not looking forward to spell checking all this.

Yee gads what a great weekend so far! I was all ready to go when sacredspud showed up on time at ten Saturday. We picked up matt_william and Sarah on the way out of town and we were off to Arlington Heights. The first CD I had in for the trip was Synkronized by Jamiroquai. It went over well but the reason I bought and brought it was track four, Soul Education, aka. "It's Gendo!" Colin was the only one unfamiliar but he'd have to invest 16 hours into a story to get the reference.

The russian dance music CD went over well too. I was surprised to find Sarah knew some Cyrillic (or however you spell the name for their alphabet) and could pronounce the title. It was a surprisingly looong album and took us the rest of the way there. Sarah was happy to receive the Red Red Groovy CD I found for cheap and copy of William Shatner's solo album. She finally returned all those albums she borrowed but Colin wanted to hear them so they went right back out at the end of the trip.

We met friends Tim and Robert at the store and descended upon the food court for authentic Japanese food court cuisine. This time I tried beef soba and quite enjoyed it, unlike the ramen from last time which had the unfortunace of sprouts and seaweed. The list of Japanese food I like is short, but growing. Dessert bought me red bean paste and cream and jalatto wrapped in a fresh crepe! Why haven't I tried this before!?

After lunch we spent some time shopping and I bought the most, as usual. It may seem excessive but I've been looking forward to this all summer and didn't want to worry about limiting myself like I have in the past. Most of it was impulse shopping but I'm delighted with all I bought.

The List
First stop was the game shop
*Cowboy Bebop bootleg soundtrack CD
*Two wall scrolls: the Hellsing design of Matt's which I've been coveting since Acen '04 & Wolfwood
*Rising Stars of Manga vols 2 & 3
*1 game of Dance Dance Revolution - I averaged "D" but it's still damn fun

Ayahiya Bookstore
*Excel Saga vol 12, untranslated - Still need vols 2 & 3
*Noir soundtrack - only saw two eps but I love the show already, especially the music
*small gift envelope
- for a small gift
The grocery Store
*Almighty Tong - for use, as opposed to the one that protects my kitchen.
*neat little round thingy of toothpicks
*disposable (and unseparated) chopsticks
*1 elegant pair of reusable chopsticks
*bento box - "We are passionate about lunch communicatin. The lunch is a good day pastime."
*Pocky! 12 boxes in various flavours and sizes, including GIANT
*chocolate cookies that appear to be in the shape of tree stumps
*several bags of gummies in various flavours including milk, which people seem to have a difficult time accepting
*6 pack of Ramune "carbonated drink" - it tastes good but I like it for the bottles
*Calpico Water, 1 can
*Pocari Sweat, 1 can
*Tasty Curry Sauce Mix in mild and medium hot
*Sweetie gum
*"Mild Bitter" mild and bitter chocolate
*"Choco Flake" - kinda looks like chocolate corn flakes in handfull sized bags, will give to Dad

Then on to the Yuki (not "yucky") Discount Store, a good place to find Engrish.
*stainless steel sporks!
*long metal threek/spoony thing - I thought I'd use it for pickles since Milwaukee Dill jars are so tall
*more chopsticks - these with my astrological sign printed at the top
*alligator box - "The Alligators.... There so many alligators, so many dreams. All are grittering, aren't they?" Thanks to Sarah for finding this ^_^ She has a good eye.
*thermal mug - "Isn't a rest taken just for a moment?" Apparently implying You're breaks are too long, get back to work!!
*water bottle bag - could be used for other things
*4 CD boxes - "What do you Utilities?"

On the way out I picked up a Pog-type game from the liquour store and another mug at the plate shop. The mug is a different design but same shape of one I purchased from there a while back and really like. One thing I learned about that dish shop is if you're going to buy something decide right then and there whether you want a complete set or not because you may not see it again later if you want more.

Speaking of dishes, the next stop was Ikea store which is a great landmark when trying to find Mitsuwa. At some point in the past I lamented to Sarah that the dishes at my bachelor pad were mostly mismatched and hand-me-downs, and that I would really like a new matching set. She made it her mission to get me those plates if at all possible while on this trip and soon everyone was in on it! I really didn't have much say in where we were all going after Mitsuwa so I went along and made an effort to find something, even though I had already spent more than I wanted to. I did find purple plates that I really liked and had a set loaded into my cart before I discovered that sandwich plates did not come in that colour, thus breaking the set. The same went for another design I rather liked so I ended up returning the dishware to their respective shelves and hoping people weren't crushed and devastated by the news. I ended up buying a napkin holder that frightened Robert, large napkins that I can't find at the local stores and a pillow shaped like a dead rat.

From Japan to Sweden and on to Ireland for dinner where I played "Punch and Judy" with silverware on the ledge behind our booth for diners on the other side, and where Tim and I bewildered our waiter by eating our dinner with chopsticks. My corned beef and cabbage was mighty fine and I complemented it with a side of curry fries. Colin ate his pickle with knife and fork and Matt had beer with honey in it. Good food all around.

From here we parted ways and began our journey back home. Along the way we enjoyed Shatner's The Transformed Man and sang along to "Rocketman" a couple times. The rain wasn't too bad and we avoided one of the tolls by taking an alternate onramp to the interstate. Now I'm just being random. I'm very satisfied by this trip and I hope everyone else had just as much fun. I wish I could do things like this more often.

I finally finished Onegai Sensei last night after everything was said and done. It's a very sweet show and makes me feel good whenever I watch. The 13th and final episode was the only one I hadn't seen and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I understand why it was skipped at A-Club and I'm glad there was still that little surprise left over for me when I went through the series again. Now I'm looking into Onegai Twins. It looks interesting to say the least.

Today I worked for Steve. It was easy all the way. I got home and called Jen for the first time in several months. No answer. Big surprise. I left a message saying we should talk and stuff. It's been a few hours now and still no call back. I've just about given up on this relationship. I don't deserve to be treated like this. I still have some stuff at her place that I want back.

After that I just wanted to be left alone. I settled down with Elvira to watch my favourite episode of Azumanga Daioh but Chad wanted to talk on IM. Then Mom kept signing on and off and making the message popping up again and again on screen. I turned it off so I wouldn't be interrupted and then Dad called! He told me about the reservations for DC and invited me over to dinner and then tried to make small-talk, basically by going over every thing he did this past week. I was eventually able to excuse myself and go back to the show. And now, after folding laundry, ironing and preparing another load I'm writing this entry. That about catches me up to present.

There were still a lot of things I wanted to do this afternoon/evening but I don't know how much I'll get to. I really just want to lie back and rest for the remainder of this weekend. It's been very fulfilling. I still have all this stuff to put away, especially since I dragged it all into the computer room so I could catalog it here. I was also going to start cleaning up the living room. I can't believe I even considered starting on the back room but it needs to be done. Something else I could do is continue on the Acen post which is long overdue, but for some reason, it's hard to get fired up on it right now. I'll chill for a while first. So anyway,

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