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Thoughts and plans on Japan

Despite the interruption with work it was a good day. The highlight being the trip to 20th Century where I found updates to Azamanga Daioh and Excel Saga. Out of all my ever-growing-at-a-frightening-rate-and-about-to-topple-the-bookshelf-and-crush-my-widdle-head-while-I-sleep collection of manga, AD is the one I've reread the most. I would have devoured the final volume completely today were it not for the aforementioned interruption. I really enjoy this series and cannot for the life of me understand why I didn't vote for the screener last semester. Thankfully, it appears to be popular among the voting this time around.

I still won't vote for it, strange as it may seem. I've since obtained and enjoyed the entire series and because much of the anime I own started with seeing it first at Anime Club I'm leaning towards those I haven't already seen. Besides, I have a feeling AD will make it without my help. ^_^

The series I did vote for are:

Neon Genesis Evangelion - Supposedly everyone has already seen this which may be why it's never made it to a showing. Sure, I own it too but I'd love to see it on the big screen with a crowd of friends. Especially the last half plus the movies.

Full Metal Panic - I enjoy the manga and the first DVD of this seris. Someone mentioned that it was not on the voting list so I offered to buy it if there was enough interest. There was enough interest!

Sorcerer Hunters - I've had this series since February and have held off watching far too long.

Jungle Wa Itsumo Hale - The screener last semester was funny and very weird. I want to see more. I would have downloaded a fansub if I could find any.

Looking forward to the first meet on September 4th.

I've been watching more anime lately now that three more boxes are full. Just tonight I received Death and Rebirth and the rest of Full Metal Panic. I've been sneaking episodes of </i>Please Teacher</i> whenever I can either before work or bed and I'm now to the volumes I've been without for so long and barely remember. Plus, now that Witch Hunter Robin is complete my interest has risen again. Goodbye free time. I'll miss you.

Two Bit ConfessionsMore great mail today is the original art I commissioned from Shi Ryuu at Acen. She sent me the original sketch, a printout of the finished work and copy of another which inspired mine. All arrived safe and sound, happy joy.

Time for some bad news and good news. Actually it's the same news. The bad part is the Pop Japan Travel tour that matt_william had set his heart on has been canceled due to lack of applicants. I was crushed too when I heard this because I've been cheering him on so he doesn't feel bad about leaving me behind. I was even gonna send a care package with a bunch of stuff for him to do for me while there. Now he's left with a full wallet and nowhere to go.

The good news is that we will probably be able to go together on one of the next tours next year. ^_^ When we briefly talked about this over the phone the other day he said he was considering buying a laptop with some of the money he has saved up. I suggested keep saving through the winter and buy tickets for both of us. Now I just need to convince him that he was serious when he said it sounded like a good idea.

Ever since he changed his mind to go by himself this fall I've been thinking of what this vacation would be like for me alone. I've never done such traveling before without having at least one person along that I knew well. It's easy for me to withdrawal when I'm alone because strangers would be less tollerant of my usual antics. Well, I wouldn't say "withdrawal" as much as keep a lower profile. I can still have a good time alone without entertaining anyone else. Anyway, this sudden change has drasticly altered my daydreams. I keep thinking of Tomo and Yomi in Okinawa, or Piro and Largo's adventures in Japan. I hope we can turn this crushing cancellation around into something even better in the long run.

We can talk more tomorrow on the way to Mitsuwa. I've invited everyone to bring two CDs they want to share and I think mine will go over well. Especially the two I'm giving to Sarah. I've got some things to look for once we get there including some untranslated manga, art books, candy, wall scrolls, and bootleg music (Najica single.) There's also the food which I'm wary of because I am not a fan of fish and they use it a lot I'm very disappointed in myself that I don't like a lot of the Japanese cooking I've tried but it's not something you can control easily. I won't give up tho', because there must be something out there I'll really like.

I shouldn't stay up too late since I'm driving tomorrow but the SWE will want to see me. Must remember to get her some Pocky.

- E V I L O U T -

P.S. I don't know why that picture isn't displaying properly but its link will take you to the source.

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