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Disconnected with weekend revue

I just spent the last hour engrossed in two new books that arrived on my doorstep in the rain while I was at work tonight. I hardly looked up during that hour as I listened to The Planets by Gustav Holst and paged through Beyond: Visions of Interplanetary Probes and 100 Suns, a collection of photographs of above ground nuclear testing by the U.S. between 1945 and 1962. Both are reminiscent of Full Moon with large, crisply detailed colour photographs (where available) with all information compiled at the back to let the pictures speak for themselves. They're also a lot bigger than I expected, making their price tags a bit more acceptable. These are the kind of books I can just get lost in for hours.

While writing the above the SWE came online and I naturally halted so we could chat. At one o'clock my internet service died once again (just as last night) cutting our conversation short. Grr. Customer service said it will be about an hour so I might have time to finish this post.

This morning I had a pleasant visit with my art teacher. It's been far too long since the last time I called (May, I think. I put in a lot of work over the summer) and I brought along all the mini stunt-planes I've made since then. He was delighted to see them all and my modifications and improvements to his plans. He showed me his bi-plane which I absolutely MUST reproduce and dug out parts of his medieval city which was a project I never got to see while in class. Now that his grandchildren have taken interest in the larger planes (as well as myself) he has a greater impetus to dig out those plans again.

A brief note on the bi-plane: The underside had what I thought was a name hand-printed on the bottom; ALEX COVE. When I pointed this out and inquired of it's meaning, he said that was the axel cover. Heh.

He did most of the talking this time which I guess shows how happy he was to see me again. There was much I wanted to say but I enjoyed hearing about his recent adventures to his cabin up north and in a hobby I never knew he had, fencing! I didn't catch whether he still practiced but it sounds like he was a formidable opponent when in form. He even incorporated it into class by engaging a student, then having someone call "stop!" while the class did quick sketches. This made figure drawing a lot more interesting than having a model strike a pose.

I also discovered he has read Lovecraft, and that he had a mutual friend with August Derlith; a columnist from the area. My teacher made a woodcutting and had him pass it to Derlith as a gift. It depicts four owls, two large and two small, representing my teacher and his family. To his knowledge, Derlith had it until he passed away in 1971. I'll have to mention Lovecraft again next time.

He really liked "A Bit of Green Leather" that I left for him last time, and I gave him "No Time for Dreamers" and "Pocketwatch" to read before I left this time. I promised not to wait so long before calling again. Our visit was cut short because he had to meet a grandchild somewhere. I think I'm going to adopt him as an honorary grandfather.

In other news, two of Edvard Munch's paintings have been stolen! One of four versions of the Scream as well as Madonna. Both lifted from the Munch Museum in Oslo, Norway. What bothers me is that the museum does not seem to have more than guards and velvet ropes for security. The Scream is one of my favourite paintings and I can only hope and scream for their safe return.

Devil's lake was great. It always is. I guess I don't need to say more.

I finally got my soft water back. I noticed a "stickiness" in the shower last month and became concerned that I didn't have the right valve turned from the last filter change or worse, problems unfixable by me had arisen. I made a call a week or so ago and they suggested pouring a couple gallons of hot water over the salt in the tank. This week I finally noticed a change back to the usual slick feeling while using water. I don't know when the change actually took place as it doesn't always occur to check these things every time. It was probably gradual anyway. I'm just glad things are working again.

Saturday I had the pleasure of sacredspud's company for a few hours. Since hiking was actually set for Sunday instead of the day before he was free to come over and join me for breakfast. I'd wanted to try breakfast burritos ever since seeing Tom's mom preparing them the last time I was over there. I scrambled eggs, diced and fried potatoes and fried some bacon, all in hearty quantities. We mixed and rolled them in large tortillas and called it a success. We each had two along with thick slices of bread and a desert of my grandmother's homemade kolach and later, sliced strawberries on shortcake. Mmmmm. We were both full by the time he received a call inviting him to dinner with the inlaws Ellen's family and I chuckled inwardly that he accepted even tho' I probably killed his appetite for the rest of the day with our large meal. The new plans cut short my idea to jaunt to the used bookstore so we instead watched the first segment of Katsuhiro Otomo's Memories which will hopefully compel him to watch the rest since I sent it back with him when he left.

I still had a desire to shop so I headed off to the used bookstore on my own where I found some nice surprises, mostly in music.

Below the Waste by Art of Noise. Good old-school electronic. Even better than their In Visible Silence album.

Pink Floyd mini sampler disc featuring a 16 + minute version of INterstellar Overdrive and Nick's Boogie, the latter I've never heard of. There are also two interview tracks which I'm not so interested in but overall, a very cool and rare find.

From the dollar rack I found COLIO3 (I think), a CD of Russian club dance music. Fun stuff> I'll probably take it allong this Saturday.

2 Die 4 by Vanity Kills. I bought this only because I recognized the name from a middle school communications class field trip to WFTX 94.1 "the Fox." The band was there to promote themselves and gave autographs to all us thrilled kids who had never heard of them before. At least, I hadn't. I haven't heard from them since until the other day when I saw the album. I still have their autographs somewhere. Oh, and I still haven't listened to the album yet.

25 by Red Red Groovy. I already have it but for a buck I can give it to someone I know will enjoy it and help promote the album.

Other discoveries there include M.C. Escher boxes of stationary (two of which are now mine) and a good natured clerk who also likes Pink Floyd.

Today I successfully employed a silly walk. I took a long second break at work and as if that weren't enough, decided to take food with me back to my work area. This isn't allowed by the company rulebook and the rule isn't strictly enforced by management but I did it anyway. With the bag of Famous Amous chocolate chip cookies in hand I left the snack machines bobbing my head and apparently grooving to some music only I could hear behind the manager's desk (who wasn't watching anyway.) I figure, walking like that (which isn't prohibited, for some reason) who's going to notice me carrying my bag of cookies through the building (which is.) I made it back safely and continued my slacking until we were set free. I seriously only did 3-4 hours of real work out of the eight I was there tonite. I guess the summer rush is over.

Anjean is back in school and finally has access to e-mail on a daily basis. She seems to be doing well after a breakup with her boyfriend but it's only been two letters since so I really shouldn't try to tell. She mentioned returing to the Bristol Renaissance Faire next month and expressed interest in meeting there since the last time didn't work out. I'll try to keep that date clear on my calendar. For one, it will be fun to meet again and another, I've never been to a Ren Faire. There's one nearby all summer every year but I somehow always forget about it until too late.

And last but certainly not least, my condolences to matt_william and his family. I hope he can still join the big trip to Mitsuwa this weekend, and that it will help cheer him and set him back on track.

Ok that about covers the list of stuff I made to write down. The post is still a bit shorter than it should have been since things fade as time passes before I put them down. -- Imagine how short the Acen '04 post is going to be!! Nah, actually I've been trying to write on it now and then on the side. -- It looks like the SWE is gone for the night since I was disconnected mid-sentence with her so I don't have a reason to stay online but I still have to spell check this thing using LJ's inneffective little page and then I s'pose I'll check a couple updates and my male. Well, on with the stuff.

- E V I L O U T -

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