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Geez, I wonder when I'm going to update again. It seems there are fewer opportunities at the time I usually like to do this. I still want to recap my weekend and delightful trip hiking at Devil's Lake and visit with my middle school art teacher this morning but right now I should start thinking of dredging together some sort of lunch and then preparing for (shudder) work.

I received a package in the mail just now. It seems I've been ordering a lot of stuff lately and I should be careful of that. At least I'll have a lot of stuff to look forward to besides the usual bills over the next couple weeks. Today's box contained the volumes I need to complete my boxes of Please Teacher and Witch Hunter Robin. I was a little surprised because I didn't get any e-mail confirmation from Deep Discount DVD this time. I had decided that the order didn't go through and began thinking I should reorder or at least write customer service to confirm. Anyway, they're here and I'm delightfully (there's that word again) surprised.

It looks as tho' the DVD ordering won't end today as Full Metal Panic is more popular on the A-Club forums now that I've promised to buy the entire series if people would vote for it. I'll do that later this week once I've browsed for other titles at Deep Discount.

Speaking of anime on DVD, tcdohl is now running his second help me get out of Jersey anime sale. Still plenty of titles left and this time there are games, music CDs and plushies to boot. As of this writing there is still a huge ass box of Ranma 1/2 VHS tapes still available. The contents were worth something like $900 in 1997 and he's letting them go for $50. If I had a VHS player and a TV I'd consider it.

But like I said, I've been buying a little too much lately (reminder to self: report on dollar CDs from used book store next time.) I'm expecting that book of space photography, book of nuclear test photos, a box for my Excel Saga tapes, a shirt from DeadEndDays.com, the stuff from the Jersey sale mentioned above and probably something else. Oh, and Mitsuwa this weekend. Dayumn!

Dayum again. I didn't expect to write this much. I'll try again later.

- E V I L O U T -

Current Mood: surprised (good)

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