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Don't do this...

I'm gonna start today by quoting someone's comment to my entry yesterday:

(Feb 20 - Mar 20)
Highly creative people are not quite like the rest of the human race. Their ability to have exciting ideas makes them more volatile and, sometimes too, more error prone. To be truly inventive and imaginative, you must be brave and adventurous to think 'wrong thoughts' even if only for a minute, before you change them into 'right ones'. A recent process of exploration has been important, not so much for what it points to, but what it now points away from. Learn and profit."

It applies to me quite well. A little too well for my comfort right now. Today being thecae in point. I walked into the house tonite after work and smelled gas. Lots of it. Oh baby, and how! Hmm. Guess who left the oven on all day? After a deep sigh of relief (probably not a good idea in a gas-filled house) I ran to the oven to turn off and open it to cool it down. I opened the front door and the windows in the room and checked the pilot lights which thankfully(!!) hadn't gone out. I don't know why the house would smell like gas if everything was functioning fine, albeit, for 10 hours, but it did. There probably wasn't a lot, but I usually have a pretty good nose so to me it was everywhere. Things like this and tobacco smoke stand out especially. I'm fine now, tho'. The air is cleared out and my headache is gone.

I'll admit to being "error prone," but it's usually not this serious. At the time it was a good idea. Still is so long as I pay attention to what I'm doing. It started like any other day... Well, not this week since I only overslept for 45 minutes instead of two hours. But anyway, I began to make lunch which today consisted of bacon, eggs, toast and tater tots (or whatever generic brand those things were.) I cooked everything (save, the toast) in one frying pan so the whole process took maybe 15 or so minutes. Plenty of time for the cooked food to get stone cold before everything was ready, especially on a cold plate. My brilliant idea was to turn the oven on to 200° and keep the plate in there. When I finished cooking something I'd put it in so everything could stay piping hot. It did and, without bragging, was delicious. Then I cleaned up and went to work. Theren lay my error. I'm thankful I have insurance on my home, but I don't need to test it out just yet. I won't have to worry about the oven any more, this kind of thing I won't forget for a long time.

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