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subtle zombie movie

Those three words don't come together in the same sentence often but I've found one in Dead End Days, a weekly live-action internet serial about zombies and cola. I watched the first 22 episodes tonight and strongly recommend it to sacredspud and matt_william. Neither of whom will check it out but I recommend it all the same.

Other than that I had a brief chat with the SWE and Cody and checked my updates. Megatokyo just keeps getting better and better. I commend Piro for his punctuality and undying devotion to the comic.

Did I do anything productive? No. But I feel better.

- E V I L O U T -

P.S. Here's to one of the better meme's I've seen floating around recently. Namely, one that doesn't just regurgitate usernames from your "friends" list with some stupid little comments.

A point of note that this one is worthwhile: I actually own a bowler and a top hat. (And Top Hat is even more appropriate.)

What Sort of Hat Are You? I am a Bowler Hat.I am a Bowler Hat.

I'm very proper, often politically correct, precise and dapper. I generally look down on the masses, but I usually try not to let it show.
(If you were not a Bowler Hat you would be a Top Hat
What Sort of Hat Are You?

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