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Hi. I was going to update. I wanted to update. Heck, I even jotted down a few things earlier today that I wanted to talk about but right now I'm not capable of much more than staring blankly. I need to process more input before I can produce quality output. I should probably eat something too; that often helps me out of these moods. That, or find something to make me really laugh. Company would really help too (except that it would prevent me from writing) but only one person has been returning messages lately. I'm still trying to get something going for tomorrow but if I do it will be last minute.

If nothing else, I'll do that mini-mild-melt marathon I've been thinking about, then start on the pile of borrowed movies and anime so I can return them. I also want to try my hand at breakfast burritos. Tom's mom was preparing them the last time I was over at his place and I've had a craving since. All I need are some potatoes.

Mental stimulation and fuel sound good for now. I'll try to update more, I promise.

Oh, new avatar. Enjoy.

- E V I L O U T - for now

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