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Chibi Cheerleaders.... um, yeah

Wow. I just received an end of auction notice form eBay. A Domo kun plush I bid $20 for (shut up) finished at $81. For a plush brown cube. People are strange.

So anyway, tonight I've been reading Chibi Cheerleaders From Outer Space. Don't ask why.

Last night and this morning I accomplished several things on the list. I did pretty good well for sleeping until eleven-thirty. Two of the calls I had to make ended in messages but one was returned before I got home, and the third has me visiting my art teacher next Tuesday to share the airplanes I've made and a couple stories I had to print earlier. I also remembered to fill out the online form and print the other so I can participate in the class action lawsuit against Pay Pal. I almost forgot until I found the e-mail the other nite while searching for something else. I'm good at forgetting stuff I intend to put off until just a little later. Let this be a reminder to anyone else who still hasn't gotten in yet.

Also tonight I'm listening to Steve Jay's music for the first time in several years (!!) I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed his music and a purchase of funk music last night spurred the renewed interest. I'm going to rip (I hate that term) the CDs tonite for archival needs. I'd update my iPod but now, whenever I add tracks to the library it copies them to the iTunes music library. I prefer to keep my mp3s together in another place and I don't see why they're being copied elsewhere now. It makes me wonder if it's so Apple can monitor what files I have on my computer if they're in a directory they created. Needless to say, if I can't figure it out by myself I'm going to write support with a WTF. Shortcuts to files are cheap but I don't need doubles of my mp3s. I have enough all ready.

I've been making the mistake this week of watching semi-random episodes of Neon Genesis Evangelion after seeing Redeath last weekend. It's harder to take seriously and I'm finding myself quoting the parody when I see scenes I recognize. *sigh* Anyway, I'll probably be having a mini-marathon of Eva this Saturday since I don't yet have anything better planned. The "mini" being the last six "director's cut" episodes and End of Eva movie. If I can't get a plumber over I may just get up early and watch the entire series. Anyone want to join me? Company is very welcome.

The hike is coming up this Sunday and I'm not sure if it's happening now due to the weather. I was going to call Monica tonight to ask about a plan B but after stopping by my parents' it was rather late. Another call to make tomorrow.

This is getting pretty boring. I wonder if I'll care about all this a year from now.

- E V I L O U T -

I just found that Steve Jay has released four albums since I last listened to him regularly. Neat.

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