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More Origami

Yes, I know I'm late. I got caught up in a new origami design. Well, new to me. I have a book called Origami to Astonish and Amuse by Jeremy Shafer which is quite amazing and diagrams many things you probably never thought of creating in origami. Anyway, one of the designs is for a wrapped gift box. Imagine a short, square box with a flat bow. Since it's so plain I thought it would be easy to fold... until I read the instructions. There were a couple steps in there that looked darn near impossible for my skill level so I skipped it and went on to the other designs like the interlocking rings, unopenable envelope, functional wallet and invisible duck.

Today I took the book to work since I couldn't find anything else that looked interesting and reread the instructions for the gift box. This time it actually seemed possible and I tried it on break. Whaddyaknow, it looked more like the book's photo than an origami boulder. Rock on! I started anew from home with larger paper and it worked. It still looks like I had a little trouble with the corners and the bottom seams arent' neat but I'm still quite satisfied with the results of my "practice" model.

Can't think of much else other than that my hands are FREEZING right now despite how much I've been working with them tonite. I'd like to turn the furnace above 60 but gas is expensive and I really only need to heat the one room I'm in. (c'mon, furnace, kick in already.) That, and I've been staying up way to late lately and sleeping til almost noon. I really should correct that but my bed is so warm and soft on these cold mornings mmmmmm.

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