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A visit to Grandma's and more

Woof. Once again I am much delayed in making my weekend report.

Friday went all right, as far as Fridays on the 13th go. After work some of us went to a nearby bar for a friendly get-together since it was Jenifer's last day. The place stunk of beer and cigarette smoke as expected and I knew I'd be washing my hair and all my clothes as soon as I got home. I got in on a few games of pool and finally looked halfway to decent on my last round. I usually only play but once a year for Union's charity pool tournament and do about as well then. It takes me a while to get used to the game and concentrate with all the noise around me. I would rather have spent more time talking to my ex-boss but she was busy talking to others and playing pool. I did catch her out in the parking lot to ask about getting together to discuss her journey to Japan back in high school. Each time I mention it is almost like the first and makes me wonder if she only thinks about it then. Sometimes I think she tries to guess what what I'm going to say before I say it and finish my sentence which throws me off and then when it's wrong adds to the confusion. (I'll let you figure out where to put the commas in that run-on sentence.) Anyway, I suggested going to Takara or some other Japanese restaurant and she agreed, asking me to contact her in a couple weeks once she's settled into her new position. I still need to check back to see if she wants me to bring back anything for Mitsuwa. I did invite her along and she sounded interested but I doubt she'll be able to join us. She seems like a very busy person.

Saturday sent me out of town for the rest of the weekend. I got my perfect attendance gift certificate at the quarterly meeting Thursday and that went straight to the PHB 3.5 at Waldenbooks on my way out of town. I also bought volumes 4&5 of Full Metal Panic! for something to read Sunday. I started late because at two o'clock I realized that I really should have lunch before going any further and enjoyed the pesto bowl at Noodles. Another delay came at Shult'z Cheese House where I bought, as customary, my bag of cheese curds (garlic cheddar, this time) and some summer sausage. While there I sampled some 9yr cheddar which was excellent! At more than $20 lb. it was too rich for my wallet but I may have some very espensive cheese fondue some other time.

I made it to Grandma's with plenty of time before dusk. It was great to see her again and I was relieved to see that the cold that had prevented an earlier visit was nearly gone. We chatted for a while and then did some shopping before supper. She bought me some stuff at the 99¢ and a body pillow and ironing board at K-Mart, all of which I felt guilty in accepting but she insisted. She does things like this for me, gives me money whenever I visit or sends some with her letters. I always feel awkward but if it makes her happy, fine. She says it's so she can see me enjoy my inheritance while I'm still alive and I can't argue with that. She's 82 and we're both very aware that she may not be around much longer.

We dined out and went home. We talked, we read, we watched the news together. It was a pleasant evening. It's actually rare when I get this time alone with Grandma. Usually I visit with my folks so it was very quiet this time. After she went to bed I found anime(!) on Tech TV and half-watched a couple episodes of mostly serious space adventure while trying to figure out how to beat Aghnim on A Link to the Past. The show ended at midnite and I switched to the Cartoon Network (I think) to find, lo and behold! Cowboy Bebop!! Yes, long after deciding to purchase the entire series unseen I have now seen my first episode of the acclaimed series. It was good and quite interesting. Not one I would use to sell the show with but I was already sold so no problem. Whatever was on next didn't interest me so I poked my head out for more of the fading meteor shower and went to bed.

I love Grandma's crepes. They are truly the greatest food in existence. They have been a staple of Sunday breakfast at my grandparent's my entire life and any weekend visit without them just feels wrong. I top mine with butter and a sugar substitite, honey, maple syrup or any of her homemade jams or jellies. The crepes are then rolled, sliced and quickly vanish. I devoured a stack despite my usual feel-like-the-floor-of-a-taxi-cab morning grogginess and felt much better. I seriously need to learn to make these while Grandma is still here to teach.

The rest of the day was very calm and peaceful. We worked on the daily crossword together (the only time I've ever enjoyed a crossword puzzle, mind you,) my aunt and uncle dropped by to trade newspapers and Grandma made the best lunch that I've in a while. A very calm and uncomplicated weekend. I wish I could visit more often. She lives all alone and doesn't get out much to do more than the daily chores and the crossword. I must devote more weekends to her than the usual birthdays and holidays.

When I got home I unpacked and vegged out at the computer. It was Monday that had me busy until late when I decided to wash the dishes and iron all my shirts. I had to finish the latter tonight (and they're still not put away yet) since I was so tired. I wanted to get online since I hadn't seen the SWE since Wednesday night and didn't have a chance to mention that I'd be gone for the weekend. Thankfully she's ok and was merely holed up in the new (but fake) studio working on her newest song which I'm beginning to wonder if I've had a part in inspiring. I caught the hint when we were talking about the quests of valor last week or so and I've been wondering since. I haven't asked directly but may not anyway. I'll find out one way or another when I hear it but man, I'll have to work on distracting myself until then.

I did a stupid earlier today by leaving the house for work without my keys. If I had my car key I could have arrived on time and picked up the spare from my parents' later. Unfortunately, they were all locked inside. With only a half hour to clock in I weighed my options being: call my mom at work from the neighbours' and wait for her to clock out, go home to get my spare house key and then bring it to me, or break in and try not to do too much damage. I chose the latter since calling anyone would have taken far too long for me to have any hopes of getting to work on time, thus awarding me a half "occurrence," something I have zero of at this writing and desire to obtain no more as that would ruin my chances of getting extra paid vacation at year's end. I made it in and out quick enough and to work on time, being sure to secure spare keys to prevent this problem again. It's embarrassing, having to idiot-proof my own home when I live alone, but precautions like this can pay off when you really need them.

I made a long list today of things I need to do and soon. One of which being to call Jen (not my boss, the incommunicado one.) I had a dream the other night where I went to see her and she told me why she hasn't contacted me for months and months. Word for word of what she said echoed the reasons I fear she hasn't done so but in reality, I doubt that's it. Still, I do need to call and find out WTF.

I had a couple conversations between paragraphs there. I also found myself ordering from amazon.com. Beyond: Visions of the Interplanetary Probes, 100 Suns and Synkronized by Jamiroquai. Even tho' the SWE is gone for the night I still have some things from the list do do on the computer, being: download that moog music from sacredspud's journal and burn that CD for Sarah. Oh, and spend the next half-hour spell checking this entry with Live Journal's ineffective little edit window. Ciao.

- E V I L O U T -

P.S. If you've read this far, here's a MEME for those who use the Google toolbar: How high does google rate your journal's Recent Entries page? I have 3/10.

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