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Maybe they just had a surplus of resin

I neglected to mention that Monday's mail brought the Second (bootleg) Najica soundtrack ordered last week. This album has fewer but longer tracks. A couple are even over five minutes. This is definitely some of the best music I've heard all year and my favourite anime soundtrack. I've been playing the two CDs constantly for about a week and I still haven't grown weary of the upbeat swing music. It's hard to listen and not want to see the show again so tonight I watched m5 again. It was fun recognizing all the background music. I think I've spent more time now listening to the music than watching the entire 12 episode series!

Merchandise for the show is disappointingly limited. An eBay search finds lots of the DVDs, the bootleg soundtracks and a couple figurines. I found one just now that I would like to have but as it is only available through Buy it Now and overpriced at that, I can be happy just knowing it exists. Anyway, the whole reson I bring up the merchandise thing is because of this. I didn't even recognize the character at first because the proportions are all wrong. Upon closer inspection I saw that was indeed Najica's mullet (tho' a bit too long) and her trademark rose was at her feet. But I still wasn't entirely sure that was her until I found this drawing tonight on the official ADV website for the show. Here you can see the similarities and exaggerations. And tho' I'm quite fond of those sexy thangs images, I feel it violates the spirit of the character to depict her that way. Why not alter it enough so it doesn't have to be a cheap tie-in? Or just make the boobs small enough to be accurate. This one is way too fleshy to be a svelte spy.

Anyway, I'll keep looking for merchandise. A poster of the volume 2 cover image would be nice, or that overpriced statue I like if it ever becomes affordable. It's going to suck once I watch more of Noir and start obsessing over that pocket watch.

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Found some "goods" at the Japanese website, INCLUDING THE CD SINGLE.

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