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Damn you weightless water vapour! DAMN YOUUU!!!!!

Finally! An update.

The need to write in my journal has been just overwhelming this week since I haven't had a good opportunity to do so. I don't even have anything of great significance to say but the act of writing in itself will help me feel better. On with the purge.

I worked the weekend again, big surprise. Saturday morning six to noon and then I had Monica's get-together to attend. Even by then I wasn't entirely looking forward to going. It had been a long morning on little sleep and I could still feel some of the after effects from whatever sickness I had earlier in the week. Add that to the fact that it was my first overtime morning powered solely by caffinated candy rather than the usual two to three 20oz bottles of cola. I switched because the soda method always leaves me urinating for the rest of the day and that just gets annoying after a while.

I mowed the lawn and did some laundry while getting ready. I really just wanted to lay down or veg out to some anime for a few hours. Seeing that my neighbours were home I moseyed over and knocked. I asked if they could shade their yard light for the next week because the Perseid Meteor Shower was peaking on the 12th. They had already done it for me last November for the Leonids and were happy to oblige again. We had a nice long talk despite the fact that I was worried about being any later than I actually was. They're really nice people and I'll try to visit more often. As a testament to that fact they were even kind enough to loan me their telescope. She earned it for 25 years of service at her workplace and he could never quite figure out how to use the various lenses once he had it assembled. I wanted to set it up as soon as I took it home but I had a party to attend.

I can only sustain myself so long on caffeinated candy, as Saturday would prove. I don't always do well at events such as this unless I know and/or am comfortable with everyone there. I was ok despite the strangers but I'm still unsure of my relationship with some of the others so whenever we see each other I feel awkward. Thankfully Colin was there and I occupied most of his time as I haven't seen him since around his birthday. I hope I wasn't too bothersome with my attention but he was the person I wanted to visit with most. In my state I would have done much better that afternoon if I only had one friend to entertain rather than being surrounded by them. I probably wans't very thrilling company.

My big bowl of cherries and strawberries went over well, both of which a special at the grocery store. We went for subs for the main course and visited Ahnika at her workplace, who seemed a little overwhelmed at the attention and sudden surge of business. The walk felt good and I felt a little better after I ate. Everyone played a card game that I eventually joined in and enjoyed and we went through Lindsay's scrapbook which brought back memories of the first time she shared it with me shortly after we started visiting in person. By then I was looking for an excuse to leave but I saw Colin signing a guest book so I thought I'd wait for my turn at thant and then go. Silly me, I had to go and do something creative and I rambled on for an hour filling a page that no one will read because it's written in a spiral. I got a cramp in my back laying on the floor writing that thing. I don't even remember half of what I wrote. It should be interesting next year.

As soon as I got home I began assembling the telescope from the box and found it much easier than expected. Concentrating on this one thing helped me feel better and regain some of my energy. Naturally I drug it outside to try out but having neither fine tuned the finder scope nor read up on the lenses, I could find nothing but my own flashlight as I shined it down the barrel. Still, it was a satisfying project to finish on the morrow.

Sunday I worked again but not so early. Then I picked up Tom and we went to the City for lunch and some shopping. When he called earlier in the week he offered to treat me to lunch since I had done the same for him in the past. After a hearty meal at the Olive Garden he was a little short on cash. It turns out that he had received less money from his parents than he was expecting earlier and neglected to inform me. I, having not expected to buy anything that day, lunch or otherwise, did not have much cash on hand to help out. We still managed to get by and he found what he needed at Boarders'. I also found a book that I absolutely must have, Beyond: Visions of Interplanetary Probes. It's a big photobook much like Full Moon, which I already own. But at $55 I wasn't about to slap down the plastic. I'll shop around for a better price first.

Since we were at the mall we went to Aladdin's Castle (I don't know what they're calling it these days but that's the name I grew up with, dammit!) and I played my first game ever of Dance Dance Revolution. It was a lot of fun and I did quite well on the beginner level. It was easy enough to figure out and I found I could even practise while someone else was playing. Tom tried his feet at a harder level but didn't do quite so well. He says it must be a form of performance anxiety as he can kick butt on the home version with the pad or controller. I'm going to have to make it a regular stop whenever I shop da mall, tho' that's pretty rare these days.

We saw "The Day After Tomorrow" at the budgets which wasn't as bad as I had feared. The special effects were worth watching but what little plot there was felt as tho it had been written by a meterologist's wife. It was still worth the two bucks.

We returned to my place and set up the telescope outside to fine tune the finderscope and try to actually see anything. It worked. We found a barn a mile or so away and tried to count the shingles on its roof. It wasn't as clear as I had hoped and I wondered how it would work for something millions of miles away. I found out a little while later.

We went inside and searched a few things online. He showed me his online journal (This reminds me that I've lost the link and will have ask for it again.) which pretty much begins with his recent breakup. That's pretty much why we got together that day, at least the way I see it. His mood was up and down tho' I tried to keep him cheerful. He kept making passing references to it but we tried to have fun. The best part of the day was when we watched "Evangelion: Deatn and Redeath" on my computer. It's been a while since I've seen him laugh so much. I followed it by showing him the Best of Show AMV winner at Acen, Alternate Eva Opening: Eva Bebop which you must see if you haven't. He loved that too and I sent it home with him along with a number of other AMVs worthy of sharing. All in all, a good day.

This week has been surprisingly cool. I'd love the change except that the cold air from Canada has brought constant cloud cover. Tonight is the peak of the meteor shower and I won't be able to see a thing. Crap! I've been telling everyone I know to watch the skies, to get up in the middle of the night to see the magic and now I'll have no credibility. It seems that if I don't say anything about a shower I'll have it all to myself. If I tell people to go look then no one will see. I have a date in the stars an hour from now and I don't think either of us will see anything since the cloud cover now reaches all the way out to New York. I'll still go out to look periodically but my hopes have taken a beating this week.

Friday is Jenny's last day at work and I'll miss her as a manager. Not only was she was one of the more compitant bosses I've had, she has a great sense of humour, is easy to talk to and is very attractive. I've been trying to arrange a date of sorts to talk about her adventures in Japan but it hasn't worked out so far yet. It's difficult to talk to her for more than 13 seconds at a time because she's usually doing three things at once plus answering the phone and being interrupted by other people who can't wait in line after me. I've also offered to do some shopping for her at Mitsuwa later this month and she seems genuinely interested but getting a list seems nearly impossible. I'm beginning to feel like I'm being a nuisance trying to do this favour for her. Hopefully we'll be able to talk tomorrow at her going-away get-together.

Ahh, that felt good. The catharsis is almost over.

The new Red vs Blue season 2 DVD is ticking me off. It gets a big F for ease of menu use. The main menu has O'Malley threaten "Every second you delay I take another option away. MWA HA HA Ha haaa!" And then he does just that. You have less than a second to make your selection and then it goes to another bout of maniacal laughter with another option gone. The other menus aren't much better with a 30 second intro and only a couple seconds to make your selection. Tom said he watched it with a friend who had purchased the DVD last week and didn't see any of that. I got mine for being a sponsor. I'll see if anyone else got a bum deal and then maybe ask for an exchange. I haven't even watched the main feature yet.

Today I finally finished the fan script that I'd been working on for Secret of Mana Theater. It's still rough but could stand on its own if need be. I'm confident that Jerry will really enjoy reading and I hope that he likes it enough to animate it, even if it is rather long with a lot of special effects. I may or may not link to it here. I still have to type it and the final polishing will be done there.

Hey, happy people, Eric finally updated.

- E V I L O U T -

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