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Zora! Zora! Zora!

Just takin' a moment whilst waiting for a friend to come back on the instant messenger. I don't have much to say tonite anyway being all talked-out from a lengthly letter to my Great Aunt Zora. Zora's a great name, isn't it? Anyway, it's kind of weird because she sends me cards for every holiday and used to hand-make me these wonderful ornaments for the holiday tree every year. She's so sweet and thoughtful and it's a shame I really don't know who she is. I mean, I know she's my grandfather's sister who's as old as the hills but not much more than that. I think I've met her twice that I can recall; at my Grandparent's 50th anniversary celebration and my high school graduation party. I don't know much at all about her nor why she's so kind to me when I (like scum, I know) hardly ever write back. I've been meaning to write for quite some time but this time finally put myself to it. I filled up a huge sheet of paper and folded it into an origami envelope. I think she'll like that considering she had to make an envelope for the Thanksgiving card she sent out of a sheet of paper and plenty of tape. From now on I'm going to write her more often than I have for the past.... lots of years. It's guilt-free and maybe, someday, I'll actually deserve those kind words she gives me.

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