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Wolfwood, Naga style

I just finished watching the second story in Slayers: Book of Spells I believe this volume is one of the first anime shows I was ever exposed to. I remember finding it amusing (especially "The Scary Chimera Plan") but over all I was indifferent. What inspired tonight's choice of entertainment is an email from artisticentropy.com with news of my commission bought at Acen. The artist was injured shortly after that week and is only now recovered enough to return to serious work. She sent me a jpeg of the preliminary sketch, tho' the picture is nearly done, complete with CG coloring and effects.

I was impressed by her work when I found her in the artist's alley and bought a great picture of Lina Inverse and Vash the Stampede side-by-side, ready for battle. I told her how much I liked it, but that it was incomplete. My commission is of Nicholas D. Wolfwood and Naga. It looks just great and I can't wait to get the original when it's complete. Wolfwood stands just behind Naga with the Punisher on his back and a hand in his pocket as he grins (with just a hint of Evil™,) listening to Naga. Naga stands confidently with her foot propped up on the portable confessional. One hand is on her hip and the other shields her mouth as she cheerfully tells Wolfwood over her shoulder something obvious and amusing. ("They'll fall over when they see they've been hit." or "I'll take the blond in the red coat, you take the small-breasted girl in the cape.")

The only change I'm going to ask for is the addition of Kuroneko-sama in oneof the lower corners. Otherwise, I couldn't have asked for better. When I originally told her what I wanted I didn't give much detail. From what I saw of her art I could tell she was very talented and trusted that since she already knew the characters well, anything she came up with would seem natural and be just right. I am very pleased and will write her this weekend to tell her so.
Day Summary:

A great day off, tho' it seemed rather short. I called Matt first thing after I woke to find him in transit between town and my place. I invited him over and from there we recruited Sarah to join us in seeing Life of Brian while it's still playing in town. Then to Penny's where Matt needed some swim trunks and I made an impulse purchase on a black comforter. It's reeeally soft and far too warm for July but I'm sitting on it right now nonetheless. Pedro's for lunch and then back to my place for a bit where we shared discoveries on the net. A good day. A full day. I'm glad I didn't work, despite missing out on the pay.

Beautiful full moon tonite. It rose a deep orange/red ascended smoothly to light my neighborhood with cool blue light. It's been a beautiful day that transformed into an even lovelier night. The windows are open to let the air and darkness in. Mmm.

Oh, and shoot. megagear is down until further notice. I had the page up with "coming soon" posted. Then refreshed to find the new notice. Drat.</day>

I heard anime is on sale at Best Buy. I will go there tomorrow with Jon to fill some of the gaps in my collection. Full report soon.

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