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Holey hell what a crappy night!! Well, not the entire night, just the last hour or so. I had myself prepared for the last big task of Friday night with the absolute minimum of time needed to accomplish it. Actually, even with everything running smoothly with no slip-ups or delays it would be cutting it close. Ben was even there to help me start. I had it made, right? F no! Cascade showed up almost immediately, then one of our own guys, both jobs would take 40 minutes combined, again, an estimate with no delays. Taking care of our own guy first would have sped things up considerably by leaving space available for someone to get a step ahead of Ben before he was finished. Nope. Cascade had to be done first (insert icon of pistol here) because their guy had to wait for me. Not only that, most of that stuff needed individual attention, not just a quick sweep like 99.99999% of the time. Since when does Cascade have this stuff anyway!!??

So I take care of that and then finally our own guy. Thankfully, Ben was able to recruit Lao to help him finish so I didn't even have to think of that any more. Still I was pee-eye-double-ess PISSED at all this crap thrown at me the last minute. There's always a rush late Friday nights to get things out and in before the place closes and it's getting worse. Naturally, I get stuck with the crap jobs with little recognition for working like mad to get things done on time.

Overtime hours are available for Saturday morning and I had already made plans to take them all, as usual. By the end of the night I was so ticked and worked up that I knew that it would take a long time for me to unwind, especially if I knew I had to be back in eight hours. Weekend work is the easiest there is but it's just not worth it this time. While driving home I caught myself saying over and over "I do not want to go in tomorrow, I do NOT want to go in tomorrow" when I suddenly heard a voice say "Then don't." Even though the hours are purely voluntary to anyone who wants them, I realized that I hadn't even given myself the option of saying no until just then. I can't remember the last day that I haven't been to work. I'm tired most of the time. I've been oversleeping. I need a break.

So I'm not working this weekend. Unfortunately, I won't be visiting my Grandmother either because she has a bad cold and isn't up for company. I do still plan to call her. So what do I do with this extra time? I was almost giddy earlier with the notion of a day off. It's been so long that it feels more like a vacation than a typical weekend.

I'm hoping Anjean calls. She wrote saying she was going to the Bristol Renassiance faire tomorrow and since having my visit to Grandma cancelled I sent a quick reply saying I was free. I've never been to a renfaire before and this would be as good a day as any to find out what it's all about, as well as hang out with a new friend. No word yet. I'm not really expecting any to be honest. The note was such short notice and she can't check her email very often so that will be filed under "Pleasant Surprise" for weekend plans.

That said, I'll more than likely try to recruit a band of followers to join me in seeing Life of Brian again since it's still playing at the Hilldale 9:30 and 1:15. I'm not likely to go alone because having company is half the fun. I'll shoot for the 1:15 showing so we can have the afternoon and evening for whatever else.

What else... hmmm. I should make time so Chad and I can figure out the problems we had with mapping on the NetMeeting whiteboard last time. I also need to discuss some of the rules modifications that interest me in Unearthed Arcana. Plus, I'd like to use the camera again.

In other news, I've found a quick substitute for deodorant. The other day I noticed I was developing a bit of odor in the underneath-the-arms area and had neglected to apply the requisite quantity of Degree for the day. I slipped into the wash closet for a quick scrub of the offending areas in hopes to alleviate the problem. The scent had weakened but still remained. I lived with it for the next couple hours until a fervor of activity caused a resurgence of unpleasantness. Still having no deodorant or antipersperant at hand I decided to stop the stink at its source. I proceeded forthwith to the medicine cabinet and acquired a handful of alcohol swabs, then adjourning to the WC once again to re-wash. Here, I applied the swabs liberally under my arms, thus killing outright the bacterial origin of the B's O. I had been saved once again by my own ingenuity!! Ho-RAH!

- E V I L O U T -

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