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I think the most entertaining bit of today was the safety instructional meeting at work about fire extinguishers. Two gentlemen from the company that recharges and maintains our extinguishers came in to talk about and demonstrate proper use of the equipment. After some general information and Q&A we all went out to the parking lot where they used both Co2 and dry chemical extinguishers to put out a small and contained gasoline fire. Then each of us had a turn at it. It took a while to refuel and relight the fire for two dozen people and it was fun to see who was more hesitant to attempt putting it out than the others. Momodu, after receiving plenty of encouragement from Jennifer, Carmen and others that work next to his area, found that when his turn came up the extinguisher was completely discharged so he had to grab and prepare another while my group off to the side estimated whether he would have survived the incident were it a real emergency. Dave gets the award for best use of the least charge as it ran out while he was using it yet he still managed to douse the flames. "The trick is to get up close and personal." When my turn came carmen cheered "Evil Jim!" as she's the only person there that actually refers to me as such. Being me, I couldn't just walk up and spray out the fire like everyone else. I had on my Hawaiian shirt and mirrored shades and when I approached the fire with canister in hand I knelt as if aiming a bazooka and hit it with a long, low blast. The metal box of boiling flames instantly turned to a box of yellowish-white powder billowing away. People applauded. I went back to my place in line. Granted, just about everyone got applause but I deserved it.

I learned a few things worth remembering today. A standard 5lb fire extinguisher has about 14 seconds of charge. A 10lb cannister has about 22. They're most effective when the fire has first started. You should NEVER use a dry-chemical extinguisher on a person as it will cause more pain than the fire itself. If they have burns it can get in and cause very bad infections. If they have cuts it will be very painful for a long time afterward. A Co2 extinguisher could injure someone due to extreme cold.

As long as we're talking differences, a chemical extinguisher is good for trash, chemical and electrical fires. A Co2 extinguisher is good for chemical and electrical fires but not trash because the force of the pressure will blow around the flaming debris before putting them out. However, it's better for an electronics fire because the dry chemicals in the other kind is very corrosive and will likely ruin delicate equipment.

Everyone understand all that? There will be a quiz on it later.

- E V I L O U T -

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