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Two non-dates and Godzilla

It looks as tho' I may be getting a settlement from a class-action lawsuit against PayPal. I received an official looking email and read through it tonite. I'll have to fill out an online form and submit it, then print, sign and mail another. I personally haven't had any trouble with PayPal but it sounds as tho' they were caught on a couple minor things. I'd be more concerned if it had to do with the security of user information but it's more unnecessary limiting on balance transfers and a couple other things. I don't think I've used the service for more than $50 anyway. I'll reread and print later.

I got a couple yes's to recent invitations. I don't know why I'm surprised but I am, at least a little. I think it has more to do with the way I am around people I don't know too well. One was my manager who I mentioned before. I caught her on the way out the door Friday night and asked about getting together to talk about her adventures in Japan. She said yes and immediately went through a mental list of information she could get for me like brochures, contacts, her scrapbook, and what she might have to search her parent's house for. I'm not sure exactly what she has in mind but all I've been hoping for is to meet at a Japanese restaurant (for atmosphere) and chat for a while. I don't know if I'll have the guts to ask how to use a Japanese toilet but I think that's something I can wait and ask matt_william when he returns in September, or maybe just watch Mr. Baseball. Damn! We gotta do that together soon.

The other is Anjean, a friend I met at Mitsuwa Marketplace just before Acen this spring. We were in the food court dining on ramen and what-not and she recognized her fellow geeks from behind a planter separating tables. We talked for a while about anime and the con and local anime clubs among other things. She showed us her keyring which is difficult to see because attached to it is at least a score of lanyards. It's one way to never lose your keys. Since she lives in the Chicago area I invited her to one of our meets, and told her of the Summer Craptacular and other special showings. We exchanged email addresses and have been corresponding periodically (she has no computer) since. I've sent updates on each of our summer shows but as there isn't much warning before I know about them that doesn't give her much time to plan a day off and drive up here. So, since I'm not great at giving directions and I've never actually paid attention to the streets on the route I take to the Humanities building I invited her to come up any time and I could show her and any friends who are interested exactly where to go, even if there isn't a showing that week. She's pretty enthused so I hope we can do something this summer before it runs out. Every time she writes she says "I still want to go to one of your club's showings" whether I've mentioned it in my previous letter or not. I think it will be fun. This is the first time I've stayed in contact with someone I've met at Acen after the con. I suppose I should figure out some good directions on navigating up to the UW.

The weekend was pretty good. I worked early mornings both days and still had full evenings. I got about nine hours of sleep between Friday morning and late Sunday night. Whee. At least I didn't have to drive very far. Saturday I started calling after I got home from work and rounded up a crew to go see the original Japanese Godzilla from 1954 at the Orpheum. Plans were set and I crapped out for a few hours while waiting. I got absolutely NOTHING accomplished until Sarah came to pick me up at six-thirty. No, wait. I read The Clockmaker up to the current issue. But I fell asleep on the deck for a half hour while waiting so they balance out, right?

The movie was good. I want to own it on DVD if it's released. Matt will probably know about that sooner than I will. We enjoyed poking fun at the movie while trying not to disturb other theater patrons. One of the funniest parts was towards the beginning when Godzilla is only known as a strange disturbance under the ocean. Ships in the vicinity of Ohto Island in the pacific ocean are being destroyed by a mysterious force. The Japanese navy sends a ship to investigate, but it too is destroyed. -- At this point I took off my hat and very audibly smacked my forehead. -- Officials promise the victims' families that two more ships and a helicopter will be sent to rescue survivors. Guess what? Yeah. Later in the film there's a newspaper headline which reads "17 ships lost at sea." I added "ships now to be sunk in the harbor to save on fuel costs."

Still, it was a good movie. One thing heavily edited out of the American release were several dramatic subplots, including the moody Dr. Serizawa and his moral battle with the use of his accidentally discovered "oxygen destroyer" which, naturally, is the only thing that can stop Godzilla. To be honest, I think I enjoyed the story itself more than the rubber-suited monster scenes.

We never did find out if Hideto Ogata told Dr. Yamane of his engagement to Emiko.

Sunday after work I took Dad to Noodles and then Pegasus Games for mah jongg where we had the rare plesure of playing with Rita. Dad, however, kept winning until Rita and Barb were so gustested that he moved to a different table. Then Rita kept winning. We were concerned she wouldn't be able to fit her head into the car for the ride home. It's always fun playing with them.

After gaming I took Dad home and checked out the folks'c computer to see what was wrong with it this time. I tried the one thing I thought could help from Mom's description but even that didn't prevent the blue screen of death and the disturbingly new red box of doom. DOOOOMMM!!! Needless to say I told them to call and see if it's still under warranty and if not, I'd get them in touch with Eldon at SCS. I hope it isn't as bad as I fear.

I stayed for dinner and left soon after due to fatigue. I don't like having to eat and run but I was very tired after the weekend and needed rest.

Now, are you really that disappointed that I didn't write much on July 25th?

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