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Now taking suggestions

I've been up and running with this journal for over a week now and I've pretty much got it figured out. I'm pleased to have been so productive, having written, perhaps, a couple dozen pages in all. However, this has cut into things that I really should be working on like my other writing. The stuff that may get me famous some day. I will still be keeping a Live Journal but I'm going to devote more time to yarn weaving.

To kick off this shift in focus, I'll combine the two. What I'd like from my readers (I know you're out there, I can hear you breathing) are suggestions. Just some little nuggets that I can turn into a short story or two. Nothing elaborate, perhaps just a phrase, a couple words or a title. Just enough to wake the muse up. I'll come up with a story and post it here in the journal. This is not a contest, just an exercise to get things flowing. I've been working out physically every night when I come home and now that I'm used to "working out" intellectuallyby writing here I want to turn it into something even more productive. So whaddyasay?

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