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Japan, money and Japan money

I've been reading the popjapantravel.com website tonite since I really haven't done that in full yet. The spring Samurai and Anime tour itinerary isn't available yet and I can't find info on the last one so I'll have to keep checking back. It's frustrating in a way because the more I read about their tours, the more I want to go. But also, the more I want to travel with Matt. It's too late for me to go on the fall tour this year and there's no stopping him now if he's already sent his reservation so now I'm doing some thinking. I've already told just about everyone I know that I'm traveling to Japan next year but I don't think anyone will faint from surprise or hurl themselves through a first-floor window if I don't go. At this point I'm still uncertain. I'm about 60% for right now but I still need more information. I've already planned to wait until Matt returns from his vacation before making a final decision. Who knows? Maybe he'll want to go again within the next year or so and I'd gladly wait until then to accompany him. But I'm still not entirely opposed to going alone under the right circumstances.

That reminds me. I still need to put together a care-package for him before the trip in September. I forget the exact date so I'd better get crackin'. I need to do some research too; both on his tour and some Japanese culture.

While reading the site I found their info on money. I've always been fascinated by foreign currency and used to collect quite a bit. I'm not sure where most of it is these days but there are still some items I remember quite cearly. One of which being the some yen coins as pictured here.
grab that cash with both hands and make a stash
The 5¥ coin used to be one of my favourites because it was so unique and had an air of mystery because I didn't know where it was from. Looking at the others I see I may have had more but that gold coin with the stalks of grain bending over the hole sticks out in my memory the most.

As soon as I saw this I went to my safe and got out the jar of war-era coins my grandfather gave me. I used to spend hours looking through and sorting them even though I didn't (and still don't) know which countries they're from. I think I did fairly well organizing by similarity but due to age some of the plastic bags have broken open and tonite I didn't bother to wrap everything up tidy again before putting them away. I found several coins with holes but none from Japan as far as I can tell. I found that the German Nazi currency still felt as tho' they had an air of bad karma about them. It's interesting to see the swastika and eagle right there on the money and to wonder about the people who held these in their pockets 65+ years ago, but it still gives me a slight feeling of unease. Even I am puzzled by it.

I have boxes or jars somewhere else full of unsorted foreign coins but I'm outta luck if I have to find them at a moment's notice. I really gotta get cleaning on that spare bedroom this summer. Maybe when ovetime season is over and if I'm lucky I'll also run into those foreign bills and coins again. But hopefully I'll have some new ones within a couple months. One of things I'm going to give Matt is a quantity of cash so I can say "Here. I want you to bring me back $20 in Japanese currency and the rest in souveniers." I'll trust his judement to find me something cool.

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