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Hellbound reunion and Evil driving school

It's the middle of the night, I've checked all my updates and read my friends' journals, I guess it's time to make an entry. Crap.

Gaming went well, I think, despite starting late without two of our players. James forgot my address and phone number at home and only knew the street I lived on. He drove through the neighborhood a couple times, frightened a couple neighbours knocking on doors and ticked off another by parking on their lawn and wasted an hour going to his brother's, Josh's and Jon's Mom's to find no one available to help him. He finally went back to my street for one last try before he would give up and go home and thankfully found the Trout out by the driveway. (Since he was late Jon suggested I wait outside in case he couldn't find the house. When I went to check my mail I left the Trout in my stead.) Needless to say he was not happy when he arrived.

The video-conferencing worked quite well, despite the second to second and a half lag time between the frames we were sending. Chad had 10-20 per second and we both have high-speed internet access so I don't know what prevented a better picture from us. Anyway, Jon's laptop computer, the 100' of coaxial cable and his cheap little camera all worked to bring us together for gaming once again.

We spent the first couple hours working on and finishing our characters. My ranger was almost done but I had to redo her for the D&D 3.5 rules which was a minor inconvenience since in the end I had a little more time to flesh out the character. Developing the character over the week before and playing that night helped rekindle my interest in gaming. When Jon just suddenly lost interest DMing our last campaign once he got out of it what he wanted really killed any desire in me to begin again. But with Chad in charge I can trust him not to let me down. He's the best DM I've ever and I've seen touches of this world he's created for our game. It's wild.

Mah jongg this Sunday. I hope I can make it. As long as I'm on the west side I'll look for a 3.5 PHB at Waldenbooks. Yes, I know it's blasphemous since I'll already be at a game store but when books jumped from 20 to $30 I'd prefer to save some money this time with my discount card (if it hasn't expired yet.)

Worked all last weekend again. I think I survived. Sunday I went straight to the theater for Life of Brian. I arrived there early so I parked (those freakin' lines are only six feet apart. I had to find a space out in the open so I wouldn't have to climb through the window) and tried to read Unearthed Arcana. I got through half of the introduction before getting drowsy and decided to rest a bit so I wouldn't be sleeping through the movie. I started playing Wish You Were Here and closed my eyes. It was such a pleasant feeling to sit back and rest like that. The day was rather warm but I was out of direct sunlight and had the windows open to capture some of the breeze. I love that album and what it can do to me. I fell asleep in the first five minutes and had some odd drowsy dreams before coming awake again toward the end of the first track. That often happens when I nap to that album. In my half-awake state I wonder if I was asleep at all and then what happened to the song. I dozed until about 20-30 minutes to showtime and went in feeling somewhat refreshed.

There were about 20 other people in the theater for the matinee and I was glad to hear I wasn't the only one laughing. I was the only one whistling however, during the closing credits. Curious, since it's such a catchy tune. I think I heard laughter tho'. Possibly someone found my whistling amusing. Anyway, it was great to actually see it on the big screen. I was surprised at how much dialog I still had memorized. My first exposure to the film was the soundtrack included in the Monty Python complete CD collection put out when I was still in high school. I listened to it many times before ever seeing the movie so I'm cued more to the sound than the visuals. Seeing it cover an entire wall this time helped me see some things I hadn't notice before, like that everyone crucified at the end has nails in their palms. Until then I thought they were simply tied up since only the worst criminals were naild up, traditionally. I also got to see Graham Chapman's penis larger than ever before. What fun.

I gave some driving lessons this week, part of why I'm late to post. Ahnika, who lives in town yet I haven't seen in person for more than a year, still doesn't have her license and needs a driver along with her in the car if she want's to practice. We had a pleasant evening together going up to the city and dining out Mexican. The bakery was unfortunately closed for the night so no donuts for dessert, but we stayed out and walked from the lake to the capital and back. It was late when we said goodnite and the ride back to town was a little unnerving. We agreed not to practise so late in future.

We got together Tuesday as well tho' didn't get much driving done. I offered to grill Spam cordon bleau so she only drove from her place to the grocery store to mine and back. The SCB turned out better than my last attempt, but I forgot to get a can of chicken gravy and the Pringles still didn't want to stick to the meat. Next time, Gadget. Next tiiiimme!!!

Work has gone by mercifully quick this week, but the humid weather finds me utterly filthy by the time I return home. I think I'm behind on a couple chores and bills but will hopefully have that shored up by the weekend. I slept through my doctor's appointment this morning. It was originally earlier this month but had to be postponed since he was out of town or something. I completely forgot it was this morning until I checked the date and noticed that the month is almost over (already!!) As soon as I realized this I called the appointment desk to reschedule and give my apologies for missing it. Hopefully they'll give me a reminder call next time. I've been regretting sleeping in this morning not so much for the appointment but for the thunderstorm that plowed through as my alarm went off. It sounded very heavy and I wish I had stayed awake to enjoy it. I do like thunderstorms and they seem to put me into a deeper sleep somehow. I've slept through the worst yet, when my iPod's faint little alarm goes off I'm awake on the first beep. Weird.

This is my 174nd entry and I'm finally deciding to save an archive on my hard drive. I write these out in wordpad anyway since the LJ window is stupidly freaking small for editing purposes. It's easy enough to save 'em. I really don't know why I haven't until now. Maybe it's the html. [shrugs]

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