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Happy (pre)Anniversary Parental Units!!

I'm on call but my pager hasn't gone off yet so here's another post.

After all this preparation and planning we won't have the entire group here for gaming tomorrow. It seems that Josh suddenly and without warning is unable to attend due to some "family business" that "can not wait till another time." I really do want to be mad about this. In the past, Josh has been more likely than anyone else to blow off gaming at the last minute. It annoys me not because I've spent the last week cleaning up so the place is comfortable for everyone, but because this is a lot more important than the times when most of us get together to BS, watch movies and play video games. We haven't roleplayed as a group since, cripes, December of '02. We've passed Chad back and forth on the phone while everyone else was at the Geitt's but this was going to be significantly different. Crap.

I don't know what happened. Maybe his kid broke a limb or something. Maybe someone died. It didn't sound like either but his message is so brief and vague that it could be anything. I'd hope he'd let us in on it if it has something to do with the Martians. But I'm not gonna be mad until I find out what happened. We'll have more time to wonder tomorrow.

In other news, I found an air conditioner in my office. This happened a number of weeks ago as I was looking around at how dirty the place was and wondering if cleaning the place would be less mind-numbing than my actual job. There it was in the wall next to the door and above the light switch. It looked old and filthy and I wondered how long it had been there without my knowledge. Longer than I've been with the company, obviously. How many times have I passed by less than a foot from the thing without noticing? How many thousand times?

I had some time today and decided to see if it still worked. I found that the hose from the air compressor was long enough to reach into the office and up to the wall so I hosed it down good filling the room with a thick cloud of dust. I hit everything whether I thought it would affect function or not. I was already making a mess so I terrorized the spiders in the corner and tried to blow some of the other filth out the door. I probably should have worn a dust mask but it all came out in the shower anyway.

To some mild surprise the unit actually turned on when I hit the switch. It immediately coughed a cloud of dust that I had (probably) loosened in my efforts ot clean the thing. It settled down within a few seconds and continued to blow air in a steady stream keeping the dust from settling properly. There was little noticeable effect when I turned the cool dial to max but It's been a beautiful day today so I had the door outside my office open to enjoy the refreshing breeze and that may have interfered with the results of my run-on sentence experiment. I left it on full-blast when I took my second break and came back to find the room still warm and dusty. At least the place looks better than when I got there this afternoon. I'll try again when the weather is, um...humider.

Work this weekend, both mornings. Until I saw Mom today I had completely forgotten that this Saturday is my folks' 34st anniversary. Since I'm busy Saturday I cancelled my plans to see Life of Brian Sunday after work and instead offered to take them to dinner and a movie; namely, Life of Brian. Mom said she'd talk to Dad and I'll hear about it tomorrow afternoon. More to come. Stay tuned.

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