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Pre Hellbound reunion

NOTE: Sporadic posting until further notice. A friend lost someone close to her last night and I want to make myself available during these hours as much as possible.

Ugh. Not only am I pooped, I feel sick. Not from a virus but more likely from fumes of the chemicals I've been using to scrub my bath tub tonite. This week I've been cleaning the house in anticipation of the Hellbound reunion via webcam this weekend. I started with the bathroom the other day and have been making my way northward. I did the tub and living room tonite so all that's left is the kitchen and computer room. I still wish we could postpone this a day or week since I'm working this weekend. All this has been a rush to get ready. Not that I'm trying to impress anyone with my clean house but I like a tidy and friendly atmosphere when I have company and the place needed a good comb through anyway. Last time I put this much effort into cleaning was last winter when expecting relatives for my birthday.

I'm actually looking forward to after this event when I'll have the entire clean house all to myself. I've already planned to use the space to spread out and finally sort through and organize the comics I've been neglecting for the past couple years. I keep buying them and they get randomly stacked away once I am through putting off reading them. It's easier to do with my manga since the books are thicker and more compact. It takes more time with my other comics since I have thousands more and easy to misplace. It's usually discouraging to think about but now Liberty Meadows is finally about to start printing new material I want to have those all together to review before I see what happens to Frank and Brandy.

I don't know what it is with Frank Cho, whether he's lazy or greedy. For the past few years LM has been reprinted in comic form with mostly old material from the daily newspapers. It's bimonthly and often late, and Frank usually says something in the intro about how much work it is creating the new material and putting things together. The old Sunday strips aren't even in colour anymore! If he can't assemble a comic's worth of old strips in two months, how in the world is he going to produce that much entirely new material? sigh I miss having my daily dose of Liberty Meadows. I haven't read the newspaper on a daily basis since.

Earlier today I discovered that Monty Python's Life of Brian is playing in theaters again. I remember hearing about the silver anniversary re-release some time ago but I was still a little surprised to find a full page article in the Rhythm section today. I plan to attend this Sunday afternoon at Hilldale and anyone who would like to join me is more than welcome. Drop me a line.

I learned something new today. Something I noticed in recent summers (especially at Six Flags) is that when the weather is warm enough and people start rolling up their sleeves, is that men tend to roll them up on the outside of their shirt and women on the inside. This struck me as odd because it looks dumb and appears that it wouldn't be very effective for keeping one cool because it holds the fabric against the skin trapping in heat. I saw Heather doing this at work earlier and asked her about it. She said it's because they tuck the sleeves under their bra straps so they don't fall back down. I did a mental forehead slap when I heard this because that's exactly what it looks like. But it still looks dumb and probably isn't as efficient as rolling them up on the outside.

As long as I'm revisiting work, I had the following exchange with the third shift manager about the second shift manager.
Me: All right, where's Jennifer and what have you done with her?
Gary: She had to leave early.
Me: But who's gonna crack the whip? Everyone will slack off.
Gary: You mean they aren't self-motivated? They need someone to crack a whip over them?
Me: Nah, they slack off anyway. It's just fun to whip them.

Note to self to finish reading Hal's latest journal entry, if only for the cookie.

Note to self to get back to working on the Supper happy Acen post which I've been forgetting these past few weeks. Must write more on it before some vital parts go away.

Note to self to remember whatever it was that I was gonna post next. I need a break.

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