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And so we begin

I suppose it would be better if I didn't use such cryptic subject headings if I want to find these posts sometime in the future. Sure, they make sense if you read the post (usually) but do you really think I'm gonna remember them all a year from now?

I started creating my D&D character this afternoon. I didn't get very far because the dice I bought specifically for character creation several years ago still don't like me. When it comes to character stats, on average they'll roll three mid range totals and three low ones. Out of 36 stats there were nine "11s" and twelve that were under ten. My theory is that they don't roll properly because they're shaped like pieces of bone with each face somewhat concave from the corner. I'm going to select some different D6s shortly and try again. I suppose I keep trying to use the others because they look so cool and were rather expensive. I dont' want them to go to waist but I shouldn't try to use them for their intended purpose any more.

I downloaded SETI@home over the weekend and installed it tonite. I have it set to run in the background as opposed to screensaver only and the first chunk is already 16 1/2% processed. (I think.) It was recorded on Monday, November 10nd, 2003 which makes me wonder what sort of a backlog they have. As long as it works out I'll keep doing my part.

Short post tonite. I'ma going back to work on the character. There's also a bunch of other things to take care of before the weekend in case we're telegaming here. Oh yes, I should get to bed by four am at a reasonable hour tonite 'cause I gots stuff to do in the morning like pick up my pocket watch, have my hair cut and cash that CD which matures tomorrow.

- E V I L O U T -

1:45 AM
Whoof. Character creation can be so tedious sometimes. There's so many little modifiers to your character's abilities and they're not all in one place in the book or even listed sequentially for ease in creation. You gotta go all over the book to find the proper tables. I finally got fed up and took ten minutes to label the index with A-Z headings in ink because it's such a pain to use otherwise. I even dog-eared the first page because it's not at the back of the book. There's 16 pages after the index which was only useful to the DM for a few months beween printings of the PHB and DMG. Stupid. I hadn't planned on buying the 3.5 PHB but I hope they at least fixed those things.

Anyway. I quit for now. I'm going to watch some Invader Zim and keep an eye out for the SWE before bed. Nighters.

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