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So much for being productive

This evening I had planned to get some cleaning done around the house and officially start creating my next D&D character. I was about to make one call to work (about some keys I accidentally took home) before my long-awaited shower and aforementioned plans when two friends drop by unannounced. I wasn't rally surprised as they've done it before but tonite I was hoping to get some things done. Still, I don't see them very often and I have the rest of the week to finish stuff I was able to shift gears and enjoy the visit. I must have appeared angry or indifferent but I was tired and still unwashed after a long and somewhat humid day. Anyway, a good evening.

A good weekend too despite overtime. Saturday found me grilling again with Sarah's company before anime club. I'm apparenlty a good cook as she enjoyed the lightly seasoned internal cheddar burgers I prepared. We arrived late to Club but they were still debating on what to show for Ninja Night which turned out to be a blast. Three of the movies we MSTied which made it much easier for me to stay. The fourth (tho' not sequentially) was quite good tho rather predictable and very depressing. I'm glad they didn't show the final suicide. We also watched the ACEN 04 best of show AMV "Evabop." Which really makes me want to see Cowboy Beebop now. Seriously. No, seriously. I'm contemplating ordering the entire series online right now. But anyway, yeah. Fun.

Sunday was more work followed by comic shopping at Westfield's sale, a webcam purchase and a getting of the Invader Zim DVD at Hot Topic since I still had that mall gift certificate for perfect attendance at work. (Whee.) At home Jon came over and we set up his webcam in my living room for Chad to test the my cable on his laptop and best angles for when everyone is over for gaming. It annoyed me a bit when we moved the setup to a different corner and then started showing me how to use his newsgroup server when I still wanted to work on the camera stuff. Later with Chad they start talking gaming and rolling up characters expecting to play right then! I was unprepared and too tired to want to be active in anything (early morning for work) so Jon left and Chad and I moved to IM for the rest of the evening. I started reading the PHB in an effort to get inspired and to brush up on the rules and continued earlier today. I have the idea down now all I need to do is start rolling dice. I still see it as tedious and unthrilling but hopefully that will change as I go along. It's been so long since I've actually gamed that I've forgotten what it's like to really get into it. Since it so happens so rarely these days I'd much rather just get together with the gaming group and visit for however long we're there. We'll spend a good chunk of time BSing before the actual game anyway so why not? And how often will we be able to do this anyway? I don't know. I'll go along with everything. Just because I'm not interested now doesn't mean I won't be gung ho later. We'll see.

I made the mistake of downloading the Evabop video as I was writing about it and rediscovered that I could spend all night at AMV.org if I'm not careful. I can find too much there with just a little creativity. I remembered that Dom recently posted a link to another award winning video in his rant a few days ago and started looking for that again. And then did it just now to get the link!!

Too many distractions. I'd better go.

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