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All work and no Japan makes Evil a sad Man

The Good

Today I received a book of plays by Lord Dunsany purchased through eBay. It arrived fast and was packaged with utmost care. This is what I like to see when I buy from online auctions. I have one more book of plays yet to come and that will be all my eBay stuff for now.

Had a great lazy day with Matt Wednesday. Note that I didn't even bother posting. I used some vacation time and we got together to watch movies and slack off all day. We saw The Blues Brothers, Scarface and Temple of Doom. The second film was the only one I hadn't seen before and it was. . . interesting. I didn't really like it -- it was violent, glorified themes I despise and didn't go a full minute without using the F-word -- but I'm glad I saw it nonetheless. It's an interesting comparison for what's seen as extreme today as to 20 years ago. It's also well known. I've been hearing references to it for years without knowing. "Say hello to my little friend." and "You F-ing with me? You F with me I F with you." Still, I won't be disappointed if I never see it again. I despised the main character from the first five minutes and it took nearly three hours to finally kill him. (I liked the red splash, tho'.)

The other two films I've loved since I first saw them and haven't seen in quite a while. We didn't even have to discuss the fact that we had a mutual interest in seeing The Blues Brothers after the concert last week and it was a good way to start off the day. I brought Temple of Doom among others as possible suggestions and we ended the night with this. The last several times I've seen it was only the first 20 minutes because it's such a great opening. Whenever I'm writing on Oklahoma Jim I turn to the first acts of the Jones trilogy for inspiration and to help get me psyched up to write. Those stories take a lot of energy and if I'm not entirely into it they just don't come out right. I have to be on the excitement level of NARRATOR just to get started and half the time he's practically shouting about the action on speaker. Hence the need for Temple of Doom. The least liked by some but most thrilling of all the movies (including the Young Indiana Jones series.)

The Bad

The third Dunsany-related item through eBay was the Sidney Sime book. It's hard to find and out of print 20 years or so. It's 8"x10", was mailed in a manila envelope and arrived damaged because the GOD DAMNED MAILMAN FOLDED IT IN HALF TO GET IT INTO MY MAILBOX!! I swear, if there is any way my mail can possibly fit in the box that bastard will stuff it in there. It's to the point where if I order anything I will have the seller write special instructions on the package not to fold spindle or otherwise mutilate the item. There are several large mail boxes specifically for packages that wont fit in the standard boxes and all they have to do is leave it in there with its key in my own.

The book is actually not in that bad of shape; the only damage being folds on the front and back covers. Other than that it would be in mint condition. I wanted one in good shape for my library and the other to use in scans, copies and whatever else without worry of breaking the spine. Now both are so-so. Crap.

The other bad news came Wednesday. It appears Matt can't wait until next spring to go to Japan. He's been looking at the Pop Japan Travel website and found some items on the fall tour that are irresistible. Plus, one look at his journal will show how much he needs a vacation and escape from the horrors of workaday drudgery. A few months ago we'd decided on going together next year when he invited me to join him this fall and I saw it wouldn't be possible until later. I've been saving money, putting in overtime and sometimes working 60+hour work weeks since. Still, it wasn't until the news Wednesday that I truly realized how much I've come to want this trip. I've never set foot out of this country before and Japan has fascinated me for as long as I can remember. Traveling there with my oldest friend would be something to remember for a lifetime.

But I have to respect his choices. This was his idea from the beginning and if he wants to go early I have to let him. I've been doing a lot of thinking today and have come up with some options:
• Talk him into postponing until spring so we can both go, or so I can watch his head explode from stress of waiting too long.
• Hope he enjoys it so much he plans to go back in fall of 2005 and join him then.
• Cash out all of my remaining vacation time after the trip to DC and have none to spare for last-minute concerts, holidays, emergencies and chasing after Dead Last.
• Hope he enjoys it so much he plans to go back in fall of 2005 and join him then.
• Stay home while he travels this fall with my blessing and requests to bring back souvineers and lots of photos.

The Possibility
• Go by myself next spring.

There's no reason why I can't travel to Japan by myself when it's best for me. I tend not to think of doing things like this by myself because I generally view it as a waste of time. Why do something special if I can't share it? Why go someplace if I'm the only one to enjoy it? I don't go to great lengths to cook very often because there's only me to impress. Weekends alone I tend to stay home. It's my Mom's side of me, I think, with a healthy dose of my own need for company. She's not outgoing and doesn't often try new things. I think that prevents me sometimes from trying things I haven't done before, or thinking that something could be fun even if I did it alone. So what's to keep me from traveling halfway across the world by myself? Something to consider in the following months, and I'm going to keep working overtime regardless. I still have that mortgage for the next 20 years.

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