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Worked the last morning for what I hope will be a while and fired up my grill for breakfast around 2 PM. I had about a pound and a half of hamburger thawed and added a teaspoon of Italian seasoning and a teaspoon of onion powder, as well as an eigth teaspoon of Tabasco habinero sauce. They turned out quite well this time. I kept a close eye on the grill temperature and didn't let anything burn. Since all I have are hot buns -- and quite a lot of them -- the burgers were quite long and narrow which works out just fine. With a few hot dogs I had enough to feed a family. The only downside were the two flies that decided to explore me whilst I ate outside and only bothered me while both my hands were full with food and reading material. But I showed them! I'm the only one that can open the refrigerator.

Sarah L. called while the grill was heating and asked if I was going to the rain date for Rhythm and booms. Until then I'd been considering it but didn't want to go if I couldn't get anyone to share the trip over and afternoon with. This worked out in my favour so she and I picked up Sarah B., Caroline and Bob on our way to the airport overflow parking lot. It was a fun afternoon playing Pit and Before I Kill You Mr. Bond, even tho' I didn't win either. Three of us ran over to a nearby Pizza Hut to grab and split a pizza and there were plenty of other snacks to keep us from starvation. It was a little chilly sitting there on Sarah B's blanket when it began darken I regretted not bringing my denim jacket but at least I had sense to wear jeans and an overshirt.

And then I started another paragraph in hopes that it won't be so random as the one previous. Part of the show were occasional flybys of helicopters and jets, as well as cannons on the hour and half-hour. We stood for the obligatory national anthem and waited the last fifteen or so minutes for the real show to begin which was. . . all right. The fireworks were impressive as always but the selection of music was more than questionable. It began with music from The Fellowship of the Ring movie, being the theme from the shire and one of the sad vocal tracks that I never cared for. Once the music was recognizable and the fireworks began I couldn't resist standing and hollering "I AM ELEVENTY-ONE TODAY!" I then sat back down and waited for the gigantic Roman-candle dragon which, tho' appropriate, never showed.

The LOTR music was nice but we all agreed that almost anything else would have been more appropriate like, say, the battle of Helm's deep or the Ring's theme. You'd also think that fireworks in the shape of a giant golden ring would be easy enough compared to what else is possible these days but nope, didn't happen. Hmm. The rest of the music consisted of a cheesy muddly of lame oldies (thank you NOT, WOLX.) Again, the fireworks were beautiful but we should have brought our own music. At least we had fun with Caroline seeking out all the hidden political tie-ins with the songlist. "Don't tell me what to say, don't tell me what I mean," "You would cry too if it happened to you," and others I can't remember at the moment. Sarah B. was all for the idea of bringing a loop tape of music to "The Wizard of Speed and Time" (for which I need to track down the soundtrack) and I could have brought my iPod and Dark Side of the Moon and/or In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida. Anyway, flashing lights are neato.

The walk back was crowded and rainy. Some said it was good timing but good timing would have waited for us to get home before starting. On the way back Bob posed to us a puzzler. "You are in a completely sealed room with no doors or windows. The only thing inside besides yourself is a mirror and table. How do you get out of the room?" It was quite good and had us going on until we dropped him off. Hopefully writing about it here will help me remember the answer which was nothing near what I had been guessing.

Anyway, despite work, a very good weekend. I'm looking forward to Movie Mayhem this Wednesday with Matt. More to come when more comes.

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