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Free Food!

Just got in from yet another weekend shift. Going back to work every eight hours after you clock out for three days straight is a drag but that extra couple hundred dollars in the paycheck is very nice. I have one more shift tomorrow morning and then freedom for 26 hours.

Again, tonite was pretty easy. There was more than enough work to keep the three of us busy which helped time pass. I'm beginning to spoil myself since I've been bringing in my iPod and running the sound through the building's PA system. Much better than the radio stations played all during the week. Don't be surprised if I work weekend overtime just so I can have my own music on 100's of speakers throughout the entire building.

Anyway, right now I'm assembling a playlist for -- well not now now. I meant just before which is practically now. I'm putting together a playlist for tomorrow morning. So far I have Children of the Bong, Red Red Groovy and Colin's stuff clocking in at 2.7 hours. I'm going with an electronic theme and I need enough to fill four hours, give or take a few minutes. I had more ideas in the car on the way home but they fell out somewhere between the car and my front door. Finishing this entry will provide less distraction from my search.

Tomorrow being a paid vacation from work -- despite my heroic volunteerism -- I've decided to grill out for lunch/dinner since I didn't for the 4th. Most of the food is free too! The hot dogs and catsup (ketchup?)were free from the grocery store, buns stolen free from work leftover from a cookout on 1st shift and abandoned in the breakroom over the weekend and the same goes for two bags of chips. The burger I bought but I could easily raid my parent's freezer for more meat. They're always generous about that since they buy a quarter of beef every year and usually don't use all of it in that time.

I'm thinking of who I want to invite and I believe I'll open it up to anyone who's interested. If you're reading this and want some free grub gimmie a call. I'll be home after noon o'clock on Monday and I don't have any set plans for the day yet. Some friends have plans for Rhythm and Booms Redux for that evening but I'm still undecided. Depends on who I can travel with (getting there is half the fun.)

Earlier this afternoon Jon came over and we set up his webcam with my connection and chatted with Chad for a few hours. It was quite fun and I showed off my panache for showing off on camera. I probably won't be very productive when we finally get this to gaming. I'm decided that I will buy a webcam of my own soon, and one of much better quality than the one Jon left here. It's not essential and there are plenty of other things I should probably get first (printer, mortgage, smut, etc) but really, it was fun.

I'm pleased to say I won a couple more auctions on eBay today. Two books of plays by Lord Dunsany from the 1920's. I paid for them right away so the sellers will be happy and hopefully send them all that much sooner. -- After the 5th that the lousy government needs to take as a vacation day since the 4th was on a weekend. -- More classic literature to come, but will I even touch it with all this *shiny* new manga laying around?

Fred Gallagher posted a new rant at Megatokyo yesterday. I've linked to this strip before but it's worth checking out again for what he has to say about writing and Live Journaling. I've found that I usually share his sentiments about the pitfalls and perils of the creative process. I was going to just quote him here but I liked so much of it that I'll just link. Check it out.

- E V I L O U T -

P.S. @ 2:00. I found this interesting:

Whos ur LJ lover
LJ Username
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will it last? (8) - Yes. - (8)
will they love you forever? - 85%
who are they cpaline
This cool quiz by i luv tom - Taken 2529 Times.
New - How do you get a guy to like you?

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