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"Time is the hound of Sish.

"At Sish's bidding do the hours run before him as he goeth upon his way.

"Never hath Sish stepped backward nor ever hath he tarried; never hath he relented to the things that once he knew nor turned to them again." -- The Gods of Pegana by Lord Dunsany

Time has been messin' with me lately. I don't know how or why, but I can tell when I'm the target of something. It's been turning things around, trying to throw me off my game. Been making me think things that aren't really there. It's caught me off guard more than once this week and probably will again before the end is over. I don't understand why it's me and not someone else; there are enough people around that it doesn't have to be me right now. Time has always been and will always be, but this time it's personal!

It started like any other of the 47 weeks this year with a Monday. That lasted an entire day and then, like usual, melted into a typical Tuesday in November. Bleak, sunless and cold with the scent of snow not far off in the future. But then there was Wednesday! Three-quarters of the way through something changed. I noticed an intangible flavour and before I could tell what was happening it suddenly felt like Friday. Yes! A Friday in the middle of the week, daft as it may seem but true! I left work for home that night with all the relief and satisfaction as if it had been the final day of that workweek. But the disorientation had only just begun...

Thursday, the next day, was Thanksgiving. I had no work and spent the day with my parents. We went to a movie and dined out with no fanfare as we had already observed our family Thanksgiving the previous weekend. Did it seem like Thanksgiving? No. Did it feel like the Thursday it ought to be? No. Here I was on a cold late-November midweek day with every cell in my body screaming it was Sunday. Sunday! for crying out loud. Not only that but directly after a poorly disguised Friday. I returned home as well as I could be with growing confusion and doubts to my own perceptions.

Friday... was it really Friday? It should have been by all the calendars I could see. Friday was another vacation day and I did not work but I still did my usual Friday tasks of cashing my paycheck at the bank and purchasing necessary groceries at the store. I was beginning to relax and feel things were falling back into place again when I called Matt to see about going to another movie. He was pleased to join my company and we headed off to the show and a bit of bumming around town just as we might on a typical.... SATURDAY! It was Saturday somehow. We should have been, in all rights, directly in the middle of a Saturday afternoon... but it was Friday! How? Why? My... my nerves were getting more than a workout. Again I came home unsure and nervous of what would come next.

Now today... Saturday... at least I think it's Saturday. But I worked. I went in early and worked six in the am to Noon. I awoke at four to be there early but it's dark most of the day now and six in the morning looks exactly like six at night. I'm usually at work at six at night. Not only had the days of the week gone out of control, I could not even tell which half of the clock I was on. It felt like a typical work night during a typical work week, all while still early in the morning. Thankfully, light grew through the windows as the day drew on and by Noon I knew the time of day. I visited Colin after work and we spent a few hours together seeing (yet another) movie in the theater, watching a couple episodes of Witch Hunter Robin on DVD and having a jolly time reading letters sent to his place of work. All in all it was a good day. A very pleasant... Saturday? It could be a Saturday. I dearly hope so. But it could also be a Sunday... Sunday... Tomorrow is Sunday by the calendar and clock. What am I to do? What is Time going to do to me next? Only Time will tell. As for me, I'll have to wait. Please wish me luck, and if you don't see another post to this journal...

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