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Full Moooooon

There has been a very breathtaking full moon the past couple nights; colorful and dramatic just as it reaches the great dome of stars. As I drove home from work just an hour ago it was a deep rust and rising through the boiling cloud cover. I felt very much like I was staring into the eye of a demon. . . Or that of the Jabberwock!

Busy weekend coming up what with work and the holiday. Would someone please tell me why I volunteered to work Saturday, Sunday and Monday mornings as well as Sunday night?? This wouldn't be so bad but my legs are still excruciatingly stiff and sore from dancing and juggling the other night at Summerfest. They're not quite so bad as they were yesterday (he says just after a shower while sitting in one of the most comfortable chairs in his house) but I really don't want to spend several hours on them at a time. Lucky for me I won't have to walk five miles from parking to Warner park tomorrow as Sarah L. and I have planned to take the shuttle. Of course, this still means airfare to Florida but it's a small price to pay for the comfort.

I've been hoping to talk to Chad this weekend so we can try out his webcam. I suspect I'll buy one of my own before the summer is out but until then it will either be one-way or share with Jon. Anyway, I should go look for them.

- E V I L O U T -

P.S. The latest Megatokyo is quite good and somewhat appropriate to us LJ-ers. (is that even a word?)

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