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Evil Jim

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02:29 am: Important News!

Tomorrow (Saturday, July 3nd) is FREE COMIC BOOK DAY!!! That's such a happy name. I've been getting in on this for two years now and this will be no exception. I always make rounds to at least two or three local comic shops to pick up my updates (which have all been late since last winter, grr,) check out other sales and of course, pick up my free comic books. Most are printed just for the day but depending on the local shop they might give out old issues that just didn't sell. It's a great day to find new titles, reacquaint yourself with old ones and generally have a great time shopping.

It will be quite a busy day for me as I'm working that morning and going to Rhythm and Booms that afternoon/evening. Somewhere in between I have to cram in my preparations for the evening and shopping. I'm just glad there's a shuttle to the park to take with friends from Anime Club, otherwise I would probably skip the show.

- E V I L O U T -

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