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Summerfest 2004

Playin' with my balls

It was Wednesday, yesterday, that matt_william and I went to Summerfest, and it was good. My silly boss wouldn't give me the entire day off from work as I wanted because it was supposed to be our busiest day. After I worked two hours with nothing new coming in during the meanwhilst she said I could go. And thus we left town two hours earlier than planned but still six later than we wanted. But I digress.

We made good time to Milwaukee ("The Good Land") and discovered the wonderful convenience of "Park and Ride," thereby avoiding downtown traffic and outrageous parking fees. We even bought our tickets at the bus stop. (However, I noticed later that the price printed on ticket was $9 "corporate" when we were charged $12 general.)

At the gate the accursed ticket taker wouldn't let me bring my soda into the park which I brought mainly for the bottle to refill with water later. So I chugged the 3/4 liter that was left and wasn't thrsty for the rest of the day.

The first thing I wanted to do was find the fountain where the Summerfest webcam was located. I agreed to meet the SWE there -- she would try to be online -- at ten and eleven to juggle for her. (Her idea, by the way, which is more interesting than me just standing there for ten minutes.) We walked through the entire park listening to the various bands as we passed by and getting a feel for the place. I remembered much from our visit last year from the "Ethnic Gardens" to "Suzie's Creamcheese Stand" which I again forgot to dine at. Out of the entire showlist I recognized maybe two or three bands for that day, none of which I would go out of my way to hear but it was still great to be around so much music and energy. The day was beautiful and the sunset stunning as it set behind the elevated freeway that towers over the complex. The near full moon rose later and joined in an impressive dance with the clouds over lake Michigan.

We found the fountain on our second pass through directly across form the Mid-Gate. We must've passed it on our first go-around but I must have been distracted by boobs people watching. I located the camera above a building housing foodstuffs vendors and noted the chalk circle on the ground directly in front of it. I compared it to the sketch I made from the webcam the night before to select my position and we were off to food and more music.

The Booze Brothers were playing on the stage farthest out and put on a pretty good show as a Blues Brothers tribute and cover band. "Pretty good" because they could play but not sing. I got the feeling that they'd only practiced the vocals and choreography two or three times before the show. But that didn't keep me from moving. Like I said, they could still play. The crowd was shoulder to shoulder but I had fun boppin' and jivin'. I can't dance but I move to music when it feels good.

Close to ten the Booze Brothers finished and we headed back to the fountain for my first performance. I dropped my balls quite a bit as I haven't juggled regularly in a few years, but as the webcam only refreshed twice every minute I probably didn't look as silly as I did in the real world. I was surprised at how many people came up and asked to give my balls a toss. It was a split between those about as good as me and people who obviously knew what they were doing. I drew a couple small crowds of onlookers who were kind enough to cheer me on even though I spent most of the time picking my balls up off the ground. And stuff like that is always impressive to people who can't do it at all. -- The second show went about the same except that my legs were very tired from earlier and I kept getting interrupted by a drunk girl who demanded I teach her how to juggle with just two balls. Hoo boy. But as you can see from the above pic, my intended audience got to see the show and was very delighted.

The next show after Booze Brothers (shudder at having to type the name again) was Styx. We swore it must have been 80's night there at Summerfest. They sounded great although they should have considering how long they've been in the business. When we got to the stage they were in the midst of a lengthy medly and I was able to recognize a few songs, tho' the only one I can actually name is ... um. Well I don't know the name but "Domo arigato Mr. Roboto" should ring a bell. Good stuff. Fun stuff. I only wish I could have gone for more than one day.

Matt was kind enough to insist upon joining me while I went off clear to the other end of the park to perform on camera twice even tho' it meant missing out on some of the music. He never joins me but I suspect he enjoys watching as I attempt to attract attention to myself while we're in public. I think the best part of the entire day (after juggling for the SWE, in case she's reading this ^_^;; ) was the first leg of the trip home as we sang along to Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band on the CD player. It felt so good just being there, relaxing for the first time in many hours and singing a favourite album with a lifelong friend without a care in the world.

I'm feeling it now what with all the dancing and ball-picking-upping I did yesterday. It was exhausting at work since suddenly my manager decided to assign me to a job that requires standing as opposed to sitting which is what I've been doing the past couple months. I really hope to feel better by this weekend for Rhythm and Booms which will require even more walking.

Also while at work today I went outside the building and found some wild raspberry bushes in the back. They're not ripe enough just yet but I'm going to keep an eye on them for a midshift snack sometime in the near future. Yum.

Tonight at eleven thirty a couple friendly high school age kids came to my door asking if I had need of someone to do my lawn mowing. At eleven thirty at night. I told them no, I did it myself and they were off with many a kind word. I can't help but wonder what they're up to. The neighborhood was aflurry of activity among what I'm assuming to be younger folk this evening and It's only now died down as I've begun my journal entry. Weird. But I don't want to be one of those grumpy old guys that yells at kids to get off his lawn. They haven't done anything to mess with me so far and I can leave it at that as long as there aren't problems. Still, what are they up to?

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