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Breakfast Pizza

That's such a happy name, isn't it?

Breakfast Pizza is a meal of my own design inspired from the boredom of bachelorhood meals. It's easy and tasty and must be unhealthy. Here's how to do it:
● Get out your frozen sausage pizza and set an oven to preheat to the required temperature.
● Fry up some bacon. 4-6 strips should do.
● Scramble 4 eggs or, if you're good at it, make a four-egg omlete. Let the top stay a little soggy as it will cook thoroughly in the oven.
● Spread out the bacon atop your frozen sausage pizza.
● Layer the eggs atop the bacon atop your frozen sausage pizza.
● By this time the oven should be sufficiently preheated. Insert pizza and add a couple minutes to the overall cook time.
● Your breakfast pizza is done after allotted time has passed and eggs are golden brown on top.
● Eat, enjoy and praise Evil Jim.

Live Journal has become increasingly annoying. I haven't had pages load this slow since I was on a 26.4Kb/s connection. I usually have to reload pages a couple times to get them to work as well. Has anyone else had this problem? Sometimes I just stop by to comment on other journals and it can derail a train of thought having to wait a full minute before things are ready.

It looks as thought Summerfest is still a go for tomorrow. At present, I still have to work until six in the p but depending on how busy things are my manager might let me go early. She's been really cool about this despite how short staffed the place will be tomorrow. Anyway, Matt'll pick me up at work and we'll leave from there. We won't have more than a few hours there but just getting out on a weekday, just having such a change of pace and scenery will all be worth it. By the time we reach city limits on our way out of town I won't even remember where I was -_-

Same as last year there is a webcam at the summerfest grounds, updated every minute or so. I've really been hoping to see the SWE this week so I can tell her about it. If all works out we can agree to a specific time so I can be in front of the camera and say "hi" while she checks online. I haven't purchased a webcam yet so this novelty will have to do for the morrow. -- Which reminds me, I should make a sketch of the camera angle to take along so I can find which part of the park it's in and where "front" is so I'm not mooning anyone. I forgot to ask Matt to print a screencapture for me (damn me and not having bought a printer yet) but I think I can draw the area well enough and remember the rest that I should be able to locate it without difficulty.

Now go have some pizza!

- E V I L O U T -

P.S. After 20 minutes and almost a dozen tries I'm finally able to post this sucker. What gives?

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